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LM201 2 mins Walking Oyama station 3stop Ikebukuro 25㎡Free WIFI FURNISHED RENTALS IN TOKYO!! ask for discount

About this listing


Government ID verified

Basic Amenities
InternetTelevisionAir ConditionerRefrigeratorWashing MachineBed
Additional Amenities
Low table, towel, shampoo, body soap, iron etc.

Detailed Information
Housing Type: Apartment (Concrete Structure)
Floor Plan: 1R
Area: 25㎡
Parking: Unavailable
Closest Station: Oyama station 2 mins of Tobu Tojo Line
Distance from Station: 2 minutes
Year Constructed: 1997/5
Construction: Steel
Contract Form: Fixed Term Lease
Witness of Tenant Departure: Yes
7 Days Rent: ¥56,700
30 Days Rent: ¥243,000


All offered rooms differ a bit in equipment and interior. Quiet residential area close to Ikebukuro, The famous Oyama shopping street is just 1 min walk away, Enjoy your convenient and easy life close to the city center.There are also some natural hot springs in the neighborhood! 2 mins walk from Tobu Tojo Oyama station, 3 stations 5 minutes to Ikebukuro station. Great dining options around-many Japanese style bars and restaurants.you can also find banks, drugstores, post office, gym and Itabashi ward office nearby, Easy access to Toshima Hospital, Library, Zoo and Parks, Living in Oyama is affordable and convenient. You will surely like it! Jet Academy Japanese school, French school, Fuji Japanese school and Rikkyo University nearby! The rooms are bright and get a lot of light and air, There is a large veranda as well as bedding and laundry space provided.Large storage closet provided. Oyama has a lot of dinning iptions in a lively shopping street, find some nice Okonomiyaki(Japanese grilled pancake) shops here as well as Yakitori(grilled chicken). Shops are usually opened until late- if you wish to enjoy the Japanese night life. Oyama might be the perfect place for you. Exclusive space hotel suite room type Itabashi area is the most famous Japan’s Japanese language school is Jet Japanese Language School, and Tokyo Fuji International Language School. After arriving in Ikebukuro, the Marunouchi Line can go to the University of Tokyo and Takushoku University, and it takes 10 minutes by car to reach the Tokyo Dome to watch a concert. JR can go to Ikebukuro Teikyo University and Rikkyo University. There are many Japanese schools nearby. The Arakawa Line can go directly to Waseda University. There are also many Japanese schools in Takadanobaba. The next stop is the lively shopping district of Ikebukuro, Tobu Department Store, Seibu Department Store, Parco, Don Quixote Food Court, large electrical appliances stores (Bic Camera, Yamada Electrical Appliances), tens of thousands of food and beverage outlets, and it is convenient for shopping and shopping at Don Quixote and Uniqlo. . Itabashi Ward: 2 minutes walk from Tobu Tojo Line Oyama Station Other stations: 9 minutes walk in front of Itabashi Ward Office on Toei Mita Line 1 double bed (140x210cm) 20cm-thick ergonomic mattress (Tokyo sub-house bed is easy to sleep, The pillows are comfortable and famous!) The corner room on the 2nd floor with an area of about 25 square meters, the large balcony is just right for 1 person, and 2 people are OK. Free indoor high-speed Internet access (4G), unlimited data (please bring your own WiFi for use outside) ★There are several 24-hour supermarkets (you can send TA-Express to the airport) and seven major supermarkets within 5 minutes of walking in the surrounding environment.る, Big-A, コモディイダ) The living functions are superb, and the prices are cheaper than Shinjuku Shibuya. The people nearby are honest and kind. ★Taiwanese landlord ~ Tokyo accommodation with furniture and household appliances series open monthly suite reservations (the shortest period of three months), suitable for couples, friends and family to live together, welcome to work vacations, excellent guests who are on business trips in Tokyo for short-term study~~ Reservations and other more For detailed information, please see Facebook or contact directly on WeChat. For more detailed information, please contact Facebook or WeChat account directly. Keyword search on Facebook: Tokyo sub-homestay series [My other monthly rentals with furniture] [Monthly rental with furniture (guarantee-free company, free gift money) series] (1) WP Itabashi-ku Mita Line, 1 minute walk, 29㎡ https://www.kaguaruoo.com/ja/listings/584 (2) TT Toshima-ku Toei Mita Line, Kammo Station, 4 minutes walk, JR Yamanote Line, Kammo Station, 7 minutes walk, 29㎡ https://www.kaguaruoo.com/ja /listings/587 (3) RH Toshima Ward Marunouchi Line Shin Otsuka 5 minutes walk, Yamanote Line Otsuka Station 7 minutes walk 27㎡ https://www.kaguaruoo.com/ja/listings/552 (4) PD Bunkyo Ward Marunouchi Line Shin Otsuka 1 minute walk, 10 minutes walk from Yamanote Line Otsuka Station, 23㎡ https://www.kaguaruoo.com/ja/listings/642 (5) GY Shinjuku Ward Marunouchi Line Shinjuku Gyoen Station 3 minutes walk, 27㎡ https:// www.kaguaruoo.com/ja/listings/551 (6) LM101 Itabashi-ku Tobu Tojo Line Oyama Station 2 minutes walk, Ikebukuro 7 minutes, 25㎡ https://www.kaguaruoo.com/ja/listings/626 (7) LM102 Itabashi-ku Tobu Tojo Line Oyama Station 2-minute walk, Ikebukuro 7 minutes, 23㎡ https://www.kaguaruoo.com/ja/listings/590 (8) LM103 Itabashi-ku Tobu Tojo Line Oyama Station 2-minute walk, Ikebukuro 7 Points, 27 square meters https://www.kaguaruoo.com/ja/listings/629 (9) LM201 Itabashi-ku Tobu Tojo Line Oyama Station 2 minutes walk, Ikebukuro 7 minutes, 25 square meters https://www.kaguaruoo.com/ ja/listings/631 (10) LM202, Tobu Tojo Line, Itabashi District, 2 minutes walk from Oyama Station, 7 minutes from Ikebukuro, 23㎡ https://www.kaguaruoo.com/ja/listings/641 (11) HY202 Shibuya District Keio New Line , Toei Shinjuku Line Hatsudai Station 9 minutes walk, 25㎡ https://www.kaguaruoo.com/ja/listings/590 (12) HY301 Shibuya Ward Keio New Line, Toei Shinjuku Line Hatsudai Station 9 minutes walk, 18㎡ https: //www.kaguaruoo.com/ja/listings/591 Share House Shibuya Ward Hatsudai Station (1) CK101 Shibuya Ward Keio New Line, Toei Shinjuku Line Hatsudai Station 9 minutes walk, 12㎡ h ttps://www.kaguaruoo.com/ja/listings/592 (2) CK102 Shibuya Ward Keio New Line, Toei Shinjuku Line Hatsudai Station 9 minutes walk, 10 square meters https://www.kaguaruoo.com/ja/listings/ 596 (3) CK03 Shibuya Ward Keio New Line, Toei Shinjuku Line Hatsudai Station 9 minutes walk, 11㎡ https://www.kaguaruoo.com/ja/listings/610 (4) CK 105 Shibuya Ward Keio New Line, Toei Shinjuku Line Hatsudai Station 9 minutes walk, 11㎡ https://www.kaguaruoo.com/ja/listings/614 Share House Toshima Ward Oyama Station 2 minutes (1) LM301 Itabashi-ku Tobu Tojo Line Oyama Station 2 minutes walk, Ikebukuro 7 minutes , 14㎡ https://www.kaguaruoo.com/ja/listings/643 (2) LM302 Itabashi-ku Tobu Tojo Line Oyama Station 2 minutes walk, Ikebukuro 7 minutes, 16㎡ https://www.kaguaruoo.com/ja /listings/646 (3) LM303 Itabashi-ku Tobu Tojo Line Oyama Station 2 minutes walk, Ikebukuro 7 minutes, 18㎡ https://www.kaguaruoo.com/ja/listings/647 (4) LM304 Itabashi District Tobu East Line Oyama 2 minutes walk from the station, 7 minutes from Ikebukuro, 15㎡ https://www.kaguaruoo.com/ja/listings/648 (5) LM305 2 minutes walk from Oyama Station, Tobu Tojo Line, Itabashi-ku, 7 minutes from Ikebukuro, 17㎡ https:/ /www.kaguaruoo.com/ja/listings/649

Floor Plan of Property
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