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CH105 1stop Shinjuku Station 9mins Hatsudai Station Share House Private Room #101 Free WIFI

About this listing


Government ID verified

Basic Amenities
InternetTelevisionAir ConditionerRefrigeratorWashing MachineBed
Additional Amenities
PC desk, towel, shampoo, body soap, iron etc

Detailed Information
Housing Type: Apartment (Concrete Structure)
Floor Plan: 1R
Area: 10㎡
Parking: Unavailable
Closest Station: Hatsudai Station of Keio New Line
Distance from Station: 8 minutes
Year Constructed: 1988/6
Construction: Steel
Contract Form: Fixed Term Lease
Witness of Tenant Departure: Yes
7 Days Rent: ¥21,000
30 Days Rent: ¥90,000


Live in a fully furnished private apartment in a quite residential area close to lively Shibuya ward! Share House Room # 102.Private room with key. Special Offer for Long term tenants available! Less than 30 seconds walk to a 100 Yen Lawson store and supermarket . There is a gym, a park and a post office nearby! Enjoy a traditional Japanese neighborhood with a nostalgic shopping street in front of the station. Tenants with a bicycle have easy access to Shibuya and Shinjuku! 24 hours trash disposable possible. Shampoo, Body soap, toilet paper and other small amenities available. Towels and and bed sheets provided. "Hatsudai is the closest station to Opera City Tower and the New National Theatre, Tokyo. The area is served by several bus lines as well, in particular along Opera Dori and Shin Kokuritsu Gekijo-mae at the Central and South Exits. The area around Hatsudai Station is home to corporations such as Lotte, Casio and NTT East, as well as to the Kanto International Senior High School. " Get Your First TransferWise Money Transfer for Free https://transferwise.com/u/yi-huac The four rooms of the ShareHouse on the first floor of Chudai are independent, with their own keys, they can also live or can be registered as a one-person office, own The address of Shibuya is very affordable and convenient. On the first floor of the same building is the entire floor of the ShareHouse, there are four independent elegant rooms (10㎡ ~, with independent key mailbox, etc.), the second floor is a double room suite (about 26㎡), and the third floor is a single suite (about 18㎡) ). PS2: To Shibuya, go to Tokyo Le Cordon Bleu College and Yoyogi Kuma Kengo Architecture and Urban Design Office as intern, it should be a good accommodation choice. ★ Taiwanese landlord ~ Tokyo accommodation furnished home appliances series open monthly rental suite reservation (minimum period of three months), suitable for couples, friends and family to live in two, welcome to work and vacation, excellent tenants for short-term study abroad in Tokyo ~~ reservations and more For detailed information, please see Facebook or WeChat directly. For more detailed information, please see Facebook or WeChat directly. Facebook search keywords: Tokyo Zi B & B Series [My Other Monthly Rental Furnished Property Listings] [Monthly Rent Furnished Furniture (Free Guarantee Company, Free Gift) Series] (1) WP Banqiao District Dubu Mita Line only 1 minute, 29㎡ https://www.kaguaruoo.com/ja/listings/584 (2) TT Toshima City Toei Mita Line 4 minutes walk from the duck duck station JR Yamanote Line 7 minutes walk from the duck station 29㎡ https://www.kaguaruoo.com/ja / listings / 587 (3) RH Toshima Marunouchi Marunouchi Line New Otsuka Station 5 minutes, Yamanote Line Otsuka Station Mart 7 minutes 27㎡ https://www.kaguaruoo.com/ja/listings/552 (4) PD Bunkyo District Marunouchi Line New Otsuka 1 minute for the walk, 10 minutes for the Otsuka station on the Yamanote line, 23㎡ https://www.kaguaruoo.com/ja/listings/642 (5) GY Shinjuku Marunouchi Line Shinjuku Gyoen station walk for 3 minutes, 27㎡ https: // www.kaguaruoo.com/ja/listings/551 (6) LM101 Toyama Tojo Line, Banqiao District 2 points, 7 points in Ikebukuro, 25㎡ https://www.kaguaruoo.com/ja/listings/626 (7) LM102 Tobu Tojo Line, Banqiao District, 2 points, Ikebukuro, 7 points, 23㎡ https://www.kaguaruoo.com/ja/listings/590 (8) LM103 Tobu Tobu Line, Itabashi District, 2 points, Ikebukuro, Ikebukuro 7 Points, 27㎡ https://www.kaguaruoo.com/ja/listings/629 (9) LM201 2 points for the Dashan railway station in Tobu Tojo Line, Banqiao District, 7 points for Ikebukuro, 25㎡ https://www.kaguaruoo.com/ ja / listings / 631 (10) LM202 Tobu Tojo Line, Banqiao District, 2 points from Dashan Railway Station, 7 points from Ikebukuro, 23㎡https: //www.kaguaruoo.com/ja/listings/641 (11) HY202 Shibuya District Keio New Line , Toei Shinjuku Line Chutoi Station 9 minutes, 25㎡ https://www.kaguaruoo.com/ja/listings/590 (12) HY301 Shibuya District Keio New Line, Toei Shinjuku Line Chutai Daito 9 minutes, 18㎡ https: //www.kaguaruoo.com/ja/listings/591 Share House Chudai Station, Shibuya District (1) CK101 Shibuya Keio New Line, Toei Shinjuku Line Chudai Station 9 minutes, 12㎡ h ttps: //www.kaguaruoo.com/ja/listings/592 (2) CK102 Shibuya District Keio New Line, Toei Shinjuku Line Chutai Daiju 9 minutes, 10㎡ https://www.kaguaruoo.com/ja/listings/ 596 (3) CK03 Shibuya District Keio New Line, Toei Shinjuku Line Chutai station train 9 minutes, 11㎡ https://www.kaguaruoo.com/ja/listings/610 (4) CK 105 Shibuya District Keio New Line, Toei Shinjuku 9 points and 11㎡ for the first stage of the line. Https://www.kaguaruoo.com/ja/listings/614 Share House 2 points for Dashan Station, Toshima-ku (1) LM301 2 points for Dashan station and 7 points for Ikebukuro 、 14㎡ https://www.kaguaruoo.com/ja/listings/643 (2) LM302 2 points for Dashan railway station in Tobu Tojo Line, Banqiao District, 7 points for Ikebukuro, 16㎡ https://www.kaguaruoo.com/ja / listings / 646 (3) LM303 Tobu Tojo Line, Banqiao District, 2 points, Ikebukuro 7 points, 18㎡ https://www.kaguaruoo.com/ja/listings/647 (4) LM304 Tobu Tojo Line, Banqiao District, Dashan 2 points for the train, 7 points for Ikebukuro, 15㎡ https://www.kaguaruoo.com/ja/listings/648 (5) LM305 2 points for the Dashan station on the Tobu Tojo Line in Itabashi-ku, 7 points for Ikebukuro, 17㎡ https: / /www.kaguaruoo.com/ja/listings/649

Floor Plan of Property
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