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Cozy apartment in regional shopping street

About this listing


Government ID verified

Basic Amenities
InternetAir ConditionerRefrigeratorWashing MachineBed
Additional Amenities
Hair dryer, iron, kettle, microwave, mini desk

Detailed Information
Housing Type: Apartment (Concrete Structure)
Floor Plan: 1K
Area: 19㎡
Parking: Unavailable
Closest Station: Kitaoji station
Distance from Station: 14 minutes
Year Constructed: 1997/6
Construction: Steel
Additional charge per person per day: ¥200(after 1 guest(s))
Contract Form: Temporary Lease
Witness of Tenant Departure: No
7 Days Rent: ¥14,700
30 Days Rent: ¥63,000


My flat is on the local shopping street. There are many regional restaurants, shops, supermarkets and so on around here. Some are very famous placed in the Michelin Guide, but some are cheap which university students often go. There are minimum facilities in my flat, because you can stay in an economical price during a long term.The shared Washing machine in the common space is available free of charge. There are 2 folding beds and 2 pairs of futons. Please use futons on the folding beds or on the floor.

Floor Plan of Property
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