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★Excellent airport access and close to subways and JR lines.★

About this listing

Government ID verified

Basic Amenities
InternetTelevisionAir ConditionerRefrigeratorWashing MachineBed

Detailed Information
Housing Type: Apartment (Concrete Structure)
Floor Plan: 1R
Area: 130㎡
Parking: Unavailable
Closest Station: Asakusa subway line
Year Constructed: 1989/1
Construction: Steel Frame Reinforced Concrete
Contract Form: Month-by-Month Lease
Witness of Tenant Departure: Yes
7 Days Rent: ¥186,900
30 Days Rent: ¥801,000


That's right - 6 bedrooms with comfortable beds, fully equipped kitchen and two living rooms for relaxing with your family in central Tokyo.

This is a large yet quiet family home that is suitable for large family groups travelling together.
Quiet and safe oasis in the heart of the city with outdoor green space.
Excellent airport access and close to subways and JR lines.

This is a traditional family home that has been newly renovated in the heart of Tokyo. A quiet oasis with easy airport access and close to subways and JR lines for moving around the city. There is a small car park if you prefer to drive but there is no need with the subway just 4 minutes walk away.

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~ 80 meters = 1 min. Please convert the time it takes to walk from the station.
Ex) If the distance from the station is 800 meters, it is 10 minutes away.