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<2LDK/146㎡>New Spacious House with Ocean view

About this listing

Government ID verified

Basic Amenities
Additional Amenities
BBQ equipment, air purifier, washing machine with drying function, hanger rack, hanger, washing and drying

Detailed Information
Housing Type: Apartment (Concrete Structure)
Floor Plan: 2LDK
Area: 146㎡
Parking: Available
Closest Station: Naha Airport
Distance from Station: 90 minutes
Year Constructed: 2018/8
Construction: Steel Frame Reinforced Concrete
Additional charge per person per day: ¥1,000(after 4 guest(s))
Contract Form: Temporary Lease
Witness of Tenant Departure: No
7 Days Rent: ¥91,000
30 Days Rent: ¥390,000


VILLA KAFUSHI NAKIJIN is located at Nakijin in the north of Okinawa Pref, well known for beautiful sea with clear water and lushly green forests.

Our house is a private villa in luxury villa area with amazing ocean view on 2nd floor. Entire house is for your own use only.

- BBQ at the balcony on 2nd floor
- Natural beach a few minutes away (NOT crowded)
- Glittering stars at night
- Portable wifi
- Two free parking space

Please relax yourself and spend special time here in Okinawa.

Floor Plan of Property
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B6244832 e724 4356 9cf0 7b25a8dad16d

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~ 80 meters = 1 min. Please convert the time it takes to walk from the station.
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