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Yours traditional Japanese house (Center of Tokyo)

About this listing


Government ID verified

Basic Amenities
InternetTelevisionAir ConditionerRefrigeratorWashing MachineBed
Additional Amenities
・ Fully automatic drum washer / dryer ・ Dryer ・ Iron ・ Refrigerator ・ Microwave oven ・ Electric kettle ・ Rice cooker ・ TV ・ Air conditioner ・ Dining table ・ Table ・ Air purifier ・ Humidifier ・ Double bed 2 ・ Baby bed 1 ・ Futon 8 ・Kitchen (fry pan, pot, hot plate, plate, cup, chopsticks, knife, fork, spoon, cutting board, kitchen knife, dish dryer, dish sponge, children's tableware) ・ Bath (shampoo, rinse, body soap) ・ Toilet・ Baby chair ・ DVD player ・ Jenga ・ UNO ・ Trampoline (for children)

Detailed Information
Housing Type: House
Floor Plan: 2LDK
Area: 75㎡
Parking: Unavailable
Closest Station: ShimoShinmei Station
Distance from Station: 4 minutes
Year Constructed: 2000/1
Construction: Wood
Additional charge per person per day: ¥1,000(after 6 guest(s))
Contract Form: Fixed Term Lease
Witness of Tenant Departure: Yes
7 Days Rent: ¥70,000
30 Days Rent: ¥300,000


Near of station large two-storey house in a traditional style, accommodating up to 12 people. Located in Shinagawa. It makes the location the most comfortable for moving around Tokyo. From Shinagawa station you can go anywhere in the city and country!
There`s a small traditional Japanese garden with a fountain on the territory of the house. Despite the fact that atmosphere of the house supports the traditional style, bathroom and kitchen are modern.

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Must be provided by a third party.

~ 80 meters = 1 min. Please convert the time it takes to walk from the station.
Ex) If the distance from the station is 800 meters, it is 10 minutes away.