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Quiet, comfortable apartment near Shinjuku

About this listing


Government ID verified

Basic Amenities
Additional Amenities
Futon, Iron, Kettle, Kitchen

Detailed Information
Housing Type: Apartment (Concrete Structure)
Floor Plan: 1LDK
Area: 45㎡
Parking: Unavailable
Closest Station: Shimoochiai
Distance from Station: 6 minutes
Year Constructed: 1976/1
Construction: Steel Frame Reinforced Concrete
Contract Form: Temporary Lease
Witness of Tenant Departure: Yes
7 Days Rent: ¥42,000
30 Days Rent: ¥180,000


A quiet and comfortable room close to Shinjuku.

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Must be provided by a third party.

~ 80 meters = 1 min. Please convert the time it takes to walk from the station.
Ex) If the distance from the station is 800 meters, it is 10 minutes away.