Celebrate New Year’s Eve in Tokyo (Tokyo Furnished Apartment)

The year 2022 is nearing its end. Most people are busy planning for the New Year. How about you? Do you have a plan yet for this coming New Year? Is your resolution list ready or perhaps you have a place in mind that you want to go to this year? If you are planning to visit Japan to celebrate the New Year, you can check on the KaguAruoo for furnished apartments in Tokyo. Do not fret! because all transactions in KaguAruoo are online. Plus, No guarantor, No key money, and No deposit needed.

Tokyo has many amazing events and parties during the New Year. One of them is the countdown at the famous red and white coloured Tokyo Tower where the new year date will be displayed once the clock strikes twelve. It would be a truly awesome experience to welcome the new year at the heart of Tokyo.

20101225-TokyoTower-ChristmasOne of Tokyo’s grandest countdown is the countdown in Shibuya. Each year, thousands of people gather at the street where a grand stage fronting Shibuya109 showcases performances from various artists that keeps the party blood pumping. The show is sponsored by Coca Cola.

While others go to grand parties, some prefer low-key celebrations with their families and friends. Every new-year family, friends, or even co-workers come together to celebrate good health, success (small or big), and hard work over the last year. It is celebrated over delicious food and good drinks for everyone; talking about drinking – Japan has this so-called drinking culture. For Japanese, drinking is important for work and social culture because for them it is a way to share a sense of togetherness and honesty, a reason why “Izakaya” is popular in Japan.  Izakaya is a Japanese-style bar where people come to grab a drink and food, settle in, and unwind with friends or co-workers. It is more like a gastropub in Western style. They serve a small portion of classic dishes like yakitori (grilled chicken), karaage or fried chicken, and gyoza, just a perfect combo with the overflowing beer, whiskey, and sake. They are open usually up to midnight but some will open until the wee hours.

Sensō-ji, Asakusa - New Year's Day 2021 (50785492818)Nowadays, Izakaya is not only popular with the Japanese but also even with some foreigners visiting Japan, particularly in Tokyo. If you want an authentic experience of the place and mingle with the locals, make sure to check the most famous Izakaya alley, especially the one in Shinjuku Tokyo and you’ll see numerous small restaurants or stall around the area selling sizzling grilled dishes and refreshing drinks. They say you will know when you are in Shinjuku when you see neon lights lit up at night. Nothing beats a good drink, delectable foods, and a great atmosphere, especially on New Year’s Eve and if it is spent with friends and family.

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