Autumn: The Perfect Season to Visit Japan and Tokyo Furnished Apartments

Japan’s autumn season starts from the month of September and lasts until the month of November.  Like the Sakura season, many tourists flock to Japan to witness the dramatic transformation of the autumn leaves in Japan.  Visit Japan in autumn and find furnished apartments in KaguAruoo.  The newest platform for renting furnished apartments in Tokyo or all over Japan.  Simply search and rent convenient and hassle-free with KaguAruoo.

Autumn foliage 2012 (8252592203)The autumn foliage varies depending on where you are in Japan.  In the northern part of Japan, the leaves change their colors from mid-September to October and will peak by November.  In the Chubu region, autumn foliage starts from October to November.  By late November and early December, almost all parts of Japan will be magically transformed into the rich colors of autumn.  The weather during autumn is very pleasant.  The weather is much colder as humidity drops and the temperature starts to fall.  Along with the pleasant weather, begin to dress an extra layer for autumn nights that are chilly.

Hidaka Kinchakuda Spider Lily 1Aside from the delightful weather and scenery, autumn is also the perfect season to witness the blooming of a variety of flowers.  The red spider lilies or Higanbana, which bloom in late September are a feast for the eye.  The Japanese know that autumn is close once this flower starts blooming.  You can take a walk amongst 5 million Higanbanas that are beautifully landscaped at Hidaka-shi Saitama Prefecture.  The entire fields mimic an entire floor covered in rich red velvet carpet.  Another flower that flourishes its beauty during autumn is the cosmos or akizakura.  The cosmos flower has little white or pink petals similar to the cherry blossoms.  Although there are other varieties that have larger petals and extra petals in yellow or orange.  The akizakura blooms during October and can be enjoyed in the fields at Tachikawa Tokyo Prefecture.  The elegant beauty of the autumn roses does not want to be missed during this lovely season.  The roses which are in full bloom in October are scattered all over Tokyo.  You can witness them on parks, gardens and even trails.  To anyone who adores roses, autumn is the ideal season to be awed by its marvelous display of flowers in full bloom.

Kunchi kasabokoAutumn is also the season of different festivals such as the Nagasaki Kunchi Festival, Kishiwada Danjiri Matsuri, Hachiman Matsuri, Jidai Matsuri, Kurama Fire Festival, etc.  The famous festival held during the autumn season is the Nagasaki Kunchi Festival.  The festival is held every year in October.  The festival is being celebrated by the Japanese to give thanks for a bountiful harvest.  The streets are filled with colorful  and large floats and a ceremonial performance of the Ja Odori or popularly known as the dragon dance.



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