All Time Summer Favorite of Japan: Kakigori (Tokyo Furnished Apartment)

Kakigoori by k14Summer is one of the anticipated seasons of the Japanese. In fact, Japan has a lot of festivals being held during the summer. Along with the celebration of these festivals are the sumptuous festival foods. One of the summer festival foods the Japanese enjoy so much is the Kakigori. If you want to visit Japan and are looking for a place to stay, go to KaguAruoo. An online rental website for furnished apartments in Tokyo or from all over Japan.

Kakigori or shaved ice has been enjoyed by the Japanese as early as the 11th century. This summer delicacy also has its rich history to spare. A long time ago, Kakigori was served only to wealthy people. The first Kakigori was invented in Kyoto. The ice they used came from blocks of ice that were stored in ice sheds in the mountains. These ice blocks were carried down by carts during summer. The ice was then shaved using a knife, placed in bowls and were coated with sweet saps from plants and selected flower nectars.

Kakigori (19853247998)With refrigeration technology, Kakigori could now be enjoyed by everyone. You can find Kakigori almost everywhere in Japan. You can find it at yatai from the streets or during summer festivals, cafes and restaurants that serve Kakigori during the summer. It is very easy to spot Kakigori among food stalls. Simply look for the sign that has this Japanese character, 氷 in red font color with blue waves underneath.

Here are some of the restaurants in Tokyo that are famous for their unique Kakigori.

This dessert cafe offers one of the best Kakigori in Tokyo. Their special Hojicha Kakigori is made from a homemade hojicha syrup. The cafe’s Kakigori may look common, but wait until you taste the hidden surprise. Inside the Hojicha Kakigori is a special anko or red bean paste and shiratama dango. The green tea syrup is made from an exceptionally awarded green tea while the condensed milk is proudly homemade as well.

Hidden in the famous Yokocho alley is a haven for Kakigori lovers. Kakigori Ryan serves a sizable bowl for your Kakigori, which you can tailor the flavors according to your liking. They have delicious flavors such as fig honey cheese, strawberry, kuromitsu (Japanese sugar syrup), masala chai, berry and kinako (roasted soybean flour). You can also find different toppings depending on the season.

The famous summer dessert is represented fruitfully in this restaurant. Kakigori is served with a hefty amount of fruits with a mild condensed milk that does not overpower the natural sweetness of the fruits. There are more than ten flavors that you can choose. One of the popular Kakigori flavors is the Kinako Kakigori – a combination of kinako and kuromitsu.

The distinct characteristic of the Kakigori from this shop is the Taiyaki Monaka, a wafer that is shaped like a fish, that is placed on top of the Kakigori. This dessert shop has the best texture of the shaved ice, customers said it is more like a feathery texture. Kakigori toppings such as matcha, kuromitsu and kinako can also be ordered here. You can also request for an additional heaping of milk for 200 yen if you want an extra creamy Kakigori.

The owner of the shop, Asado Harada is considered as the Queen of Kakigori. The shop is located in a residential district of Nakano, Tokyo. You can watch the owner create a Kakigori masterpiece by adding seasonal fruits, toppings and a little bit of sake to give a bit of kick into your shaved ice delight. They serve seasonal flavors of the Kakigori so make sure to drop by every now and then to have a taste of the shop’s specialties.

Hakata Kori Uji KintokiEverytime Japanese eat Kakigori, it brings back happy memories of their childhood and due to the variety of flavors and toppings that you can accentuate to Kakigori, it became the ultimate summer favorite of the Japanese all over Japan.  Every prefecture has its very own version of Kakigori.  In Kyoto prefecture, they have the Ujikintoki, a Kakigori dabbed with a syrup made from green tea and red bean paste.  From Kagoshima prefecture, they have the Shirokuma Kakigori.  This type of Kakigori has sweet condensed milk, red bean paste, assorted fruits and agar agar zeri.  The Shirokuma Kakigori is shaped like a polar bear’s face. 

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