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One of Japan’s old traditions is the offering of food as gifts. The Japanese give gifts of food during holidays and special occasions. This gift-giving practice is not only limited to family members but also to extended families, friends, colleagues and superiors. Known for going the extra mile on almost everything, Japanese offer gifts of the rarest, most expensive, most delicious and most presentable kind. The giving of fruits as gifts is now widely practiced in Japan and is considered a luxurious gift. People are only purchasing the best fruit in the market, which means the prices for these fruits are extremely high.

Half cut of Yubari melonYUBARI KING MELON
Price per melon: around $22,500
This top of the line melon is truly a precious fruit to give to someone. A Yubari King melon must have a perfect round shape, its rinds must not have any scars or marks, the size must be of equal proportions and has ample sugar content. The first harvested melons are even sold for a much higher price because the Japanese believe that the first harvest fruit, when offered, brings goodluck. The Yubari King Melons are planted in greenhouses at Yubari Hokkaido. Volcanic ashes are also added to enrich the soil and each melon is protected in customized hats.


Densuke watermelonDENSUKE WATERMELON
Price per watermelon: up to $6,000

Densuke watermelons are grown exclusively on an island in Hokkaido. This watermelon is very much distinguishable from others due to its totally black color without stripes. Along with its black skin, this watermelon is also very sweet. Due to the fact that it is exclusively grown in Hokkaido, only a hundred Densuke watermelons are grown per year making it a precious and most expensive watermelon in the world.




ルビーロマン 宅急便 (21407994429)RUBY ROMAN GRAPE
Price per bunch: from $90 to $450

Ruby Roman grape is considered as the world’s most expensive grape. This grape originated from Ishikawa Prefecture. Each bunch is inspected to be considered a Ruby Roman grape. Each grape of a bunch is individually checked; must be at least 20 grams, at least 30 millimeters in diameter and the sugar content should be at least 18%. Another criteria they inspect is the color must be within the approved color palette of a Ruby Roman grape. A Premium Ruby Roman grape must be 30 grams (1 ounce as minimum).





20 quid strawberries (370645175)BIJIN-HIME STRAWBERRIES
Price per strawberry: around $500

This mesmerizing strawberry name means beautiful princess. Grown with love and nurturing by a farmer by the name of Okuda Nichio at Gifu prefecture. The farmer took 15 years to come up with the perfect strawberry. The Bjin-hime is famous for its size, making it 3 times much bigger than a regular sized strawberry. The strawberries are also very sweet and only 500 pieces of this valuable fruit is produced every year.




Price per mango: up to $3,744

Taiyo No Tamago means “egg of the sun”, the hefty price of this apple mango does not come from its rarity, but rather from the excessive effort in cultivating these mangoes. To achieve its perfect egg shape, each mango is covered with a net and they make sure the mangoes are getting enough sunlight to produce the perfect red hue. The average size of the Taiyo No Tamago must be 350 grams with a sugar content of 15% and a bright deep red color.


Price per apple: around $21

The Sekai-Ichi apple was invented in 1974 in Morioka, Iwate Prefecture. The apple became famous for its huge size (one apple weighs about 1 kilo) and delicious taste. Sekai-Ichi means the best in the world. You may start to wonder why it is called such. After harvesting, the apples are bathed in honey before being packed and sold in the different supermarkets and grocery stores. The Sekai-Ichi apples are very crispy and very sweet. Its appearance is also very appealing as it is the most beautiful apple you can see from fruit displays.


Price per orange: about $21

This fruit is one of the luxurious gifts you can offer to somebody. The Dekopon citrus is known to be the world’s sweetest orange. Its size is much bigger than an ordinary orange and its skin can be peeled easily. One of its unique features is the little bump on one of its ends that looks like a sumo wrestler’s hair. Its citrusy fragrance can engulf an entire room. Dekopon citruses, like mikan, only grow during Japan’s winter season. Since the fruit is seedless, cultivating it is somewhat difficult. The Dekopon citrus was first introduced to California in 2011.


White strawberries? (8688592108)SHIROU HOUSEKI STRAWBERRY
Price per strawberry: up to $10

The name of this strawberry is white jewel. The name was derived from the rare white color of this strawberry. Farmers limit the amount of sunlight to achieve the white color of the strawberry’s skin. No matter how hard these farmers control the sunlight, only 10% percent of the harvest maintains the white skin color, that’s why these strawberries are pricey. Despite the white color, the fruit may look unripe, but in fact, the fruit is as sweet as the rest of the strawberries. Shirou Houseki strawberries are considered a luxurious gift for the Japanese.




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