Japan’s Imperial Palace and Tokyo Furnished Apartments

Japan’s Imperial Palace is located in Chiyoda, Tokyo and is the primary residence of the Emperor of Japan. The grounds where the Imperial Palace now stands used to be Edo Castle. In 1868, the Tokugawa shogunate was dethroned and Japan’s capital and the Imperial Family’s residence was moved from Kyoto to Tokyo. The palace was destroyed during World War II, but was later restored. Almost all of the palace buildings were wrecked and only a few areas survived.  If you like to visit the Imperial Palace, plan a trip to Japan and see the marvels for yourself.  And if you are looking for a furnished apartment in Tokyo, go to KaguAruoo. An online rental website that lets you search, pick and rent a furnished apartment in Japan, without the hassles of paperwork and opening a bank account in Japan to pay the rent.

847a Imperial Palace Tokyo (51421454143)The palace is surrounded by gardens which are heavily maintained and is considered one of the most visited locations in Tokyo. If you are planning to visit Japan’s Imperial Palace, you can book a tour and get a closer glimpse of this highly-acclaimed palace. Tours are being offered on the Imperial Palace grounds and gardens. The tours take about an hour to two hours daily and in both English and Japanese, except during Sundays and Mondays. The surrounding place in the palace grounds are divided into three sections: East Gardens, Kokyo Gaien and Kitanomaru Koen. Though the inner grounds are mostly off-limits for most of the year, visitors can still enjoy the beautiful sites around the palace.


East Garden

Imperial Palace East GardenThe East Garden is located in the inner part of the Imperial Palace. The garden is filled with seasonal flowers and trees. You can still see some of the Edo Castle’s remains in the garden, such as the moats, original walls, gates and guardhouses. If you want to visit the East Garden, feel free to do so since admission is free, and they are open on weekdays from 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM.



Kokyo Gaien

Kōkyo-Gaien, toward central TokyoThis vast garden is approximately 11 hectares and is connected with the East Garden. Planted here are 2,000 Japanese Black Pine trees that create a great ensemble with the Edo Castle remains. Among the castle remnants are several beautiful gates, one of which is the Sakurada-mon, the largest gates of them all. You can have a spectacular view of the Nijubashi double bridge and the Fushimi-yagura watchtower at the back.


Kitanomaru Park

CherryBlossoms@Kitanomaru-ParkTokyoThis park was once an herb garden, filled with all sorts of medicinal plants. In the present day, the park has been transformed into a public park, open to anyone to visit. Some of the things you can see at Kitanomaru Park include the National Museum of Modern Art, the National Museum of Science and Technology, and the National Museum of Nature and Science. The park is also a perfect place to enjoy a picnic during the cherry blossom season. During summer, the famous Chidorigafuchi moat will be covered in lotuses which is truly a picturesque sight to indulge in. During autumn, you can witness the amazing foliage of the ginkgo trees around the park’s pond.

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