What is a Furnished Apartment in Japan and How to Rent a Tokyo Furnished Apartment

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A furnished apartment is an apartment that is equipped with furnitures and basic appliances a tenant needs to live comfortably. Most furnished apartments have a bed, a couch, a dining table, common kitchen appliances and utensils such as stove, fridge, oven, silverwares, pots and pans and some would even provide linens such as towels and blankets. The furnishings you will find in a furnished apartment may differ from one another as it would depend upon the landlord of the listing.

In searching for long-term stay accommodations in Japan, you will stumble more often with unfurnished apartments. If you would like to proceed to rent an unfurnished apartment, you should keep in mind the options you have when you begin furnishing your new apartment. There is the easiest option of purchasing new furnitures and appliances from a wide variety of stores in Japan. You may also opt to look for second-hand furnitures from surpluses and sales groups on social media. If you are planning to bring your own furnitures, keep in mind the flooring in most of the Japanese apartments. Most of the apartments have tatami flooring which is a traditional mat and since these mats are thin, it cannot withstand heavy weights. Thus, it is recommended to refrain from placing furnitures that will be movable most of the time as it will tear the tatami mats apart.

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More tenants are now searching for furnished apartment rentals to stay away from the troubles of providing their own furnishings. Not only will they be able to move-in right away but they will also save a substantial amount of money since they will no longer have to purchase furnitures and appliances.

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Getting a real estate agent is no longer a thing. You can search for listings on your own from the website. Looking for a guarantor is also out of the picture. You may send plenty of stay requests to multiple listings of your choice. Inquiring is free in KaguAruoo, you will only get charged once you sign the lease contract. KaguAruoo also ensures that you are transacting with a legitimate landlord or tenant. Thus, they require valid forms of identification for verification of the identity of each user. That being said, the user can submit a valid ID online – less paperwork!

Finally, personally meeting with your landlord to sign the lease contract is not necessary. With KaguAruoo, you can sign the contract online. Furthermore, opening a bank account in Japan is no longer an option. Pay for the rent using your credit card.

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This Ueno Apartment can accommodate two people and is close to Ueno station (6 mins walk). This apartment has a terrace, a living room and a kitchen. The living room has a TV, work desk and chair. The kitchen is equipped with a gas stove, refrigerator, electric kettle, cooking utensils, rice cooker, microwave, silverware, pots and pans. Linens such as blankets and towels are provided.


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