Tsukiji (Find a Furnished Apartment in Tokyo)

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Ramen shop by ngader in Tsukiji, Tokyo
The most popular seafood market in the world is in Tsukiji; the Tsukiji Fish Market. Although the inner fish market where the tuna auction were held was moved to Toyosu in October 2018, the place is still a must-visit location. Tsukiji’s outer market is stealing the limelight. The outer market is full of different merchants offering various goods for the market goers: you can see a lot of different seafoods on display, kitchen wares and fresh produce. In addition, you will see outdoor food stalls with experienced chefs preparing everyone’s all-time favorite sushi and many other mouth-watering dishes in Japan. Do note that the market is closed during Sundays and holidays.

Other than the outer market at Tsukiji Fish Market, the place also has other interesting places to visit. Here are some of the popular places you can visit in Tsukiji:

Namiyoke Inari-jinja Shrine

Namiyoke Inari Shrine - nov 14 2021 variousA Shinto shrine located within the Tsukiji Fish Market. The shrine was erected right after the reclamation of Tsukiji was completed. Before, fishermen and locals prayed to this shrine for protection against disasters that are water-related. After all, the name of the shrine means protection from waves. Up to this day, many people still pray in the shrine for good luck, protection and safe travels.

See more information about the shrine here: http://www.namiyoke.or.jp/

Hamarikyu Pier

Tokyo, 2019 - 591After indulging in a feast with your eyes and palette, make sure to wind down the mood by taking on a 40-minute cruise in the lovely Sumida river. You can sail through Tokyo Bay, then proceed southward to see Odaiba with its large ferris wheel and the famous Rainbow bridge. During daytime, the rainbow bridge does not exactly resemble a rainbow effect, but during night time the entire bridge is wrapped in bright colored lights that are very pleasing and wonderful to look at. Moving forth, the cruise will pass by the Hamarikyu Garden and then to the Tsukiji Fish Market wharf. During the cruise, you will see apartment buildings, lovely gardens, walkways and fishing boats on the river. Sailing gracefully through the river, you can see Tokyo Skytree and Asahi Brewing Company building. Lastly, making a turn at the port in Asakusa, the cruise concludes.

St. Joseph’s Catholic Church

CatholicTsukijiChurch20110908The church is known to be the first Catholic church in Tokyo. The patron of the church is St. Joseph and it was established in 1871 by the Paris Foreign Missions Society. During the terror brought upon by the Great Kanto earthquake, the church was burnt. With the love and effort of the ministry, the church was rebuilt in 1927. The church’s design is that of St. Madeline Cathedral in Paris. There are huge columns lining up the church’s entrance.

See more information about the church here: https://tsukijicatholic.org/english


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