Apartments in Japan and Tokyo Furnished Apartments

Apartments in Japan are typically small and are usually located in urban areas. Prices of these apartments depend on where you want to live in Japan. Apartments in urban areas can be expensive. You can find furnished apartments in Tokyo at KaguAruoo. A very affordable option as furnished apartments come with furniture such as a bed, couch, table and chairs. Some may also include dishes, linens and other household items. What’s even more remarkable is that you can secure a furnished apartment in Tokyo even without entering Japan yet.

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A typical apartment in Japan would consist of a tatami mat flooring, shoji screen, genkan and ofuro.

– Tatami is a kind of mat made from rice straws. Since tatamis are very common among Japanese apartments, it is sometimes being used to measure the size of a unit.

– A shoji screen is a slide panel made up of translucent paper placed in a wood frame. This popular furnishing can be used as a room divider.

– A genkan is a traditional Japanese entranceway where visitors take off their shoes before entering a home. It is commonly located inside the apartment and directly in the front door.

– Ofuro is a type of bathtub in Japan. As a custom, you have to clean yourself before dipping into the tub. Thus, a shower area is located near it. Japanese believe that the heat from the tub when you sink your entire body enhances blood circulation which promotes a strong immune system. Furthermore, it relaxes tense and stressed muscles.

Photo by Vecislavas Popa from Pexels

There are many types of apartments in Japan, from traditional Japanese-style apartments to more modern, Western-style apartments. Here are the most common types of apartments in Japan:

– Traditional Japanese style apartments: These apartments typically have tatami mat floors and sliding shoji doors. They are often smaller in size than Western-style apartments and may not have a separate kitchen.

– Western-style apartments: These apartments typically have hardwood floors and Western-style furnishings. They are often larger in size than traditional Japanese-style apartments and usually have a separate kitchen.

– Studio apartments: These are small apartments that usually only have one room, which serves as both the living and sleeping area. They are often popular with single people or couples.

– Loft apartments: These are apartments that have high ceilings and are often located in older buildings. They may have a mezzanine level, which can be used as a bedroom or office.

– Shared apartments: These are apartments that are shared by multiple people, often students or young professionals. Each person usually has their own private bedroom, but shares the kitchen, bathroom, and living areas with the other residents.

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