Things to Know About Studying in Japan and Tokyo Furnished Apartments

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There are many reasons to study in Japan! The country has a rich culture and history, and is home to some of the world’s top universities. Studying in Japan is a very remarkable experience and a splendid opportunity. You can read about the advantages of studying in Japan in this article. If you are interested in studying in Japan, there are a few things you should keep in mind. First, you will need to obtain a student visa. Whether you are still planning or are already in the process of getting yourself a student visa, the second major preparation one should make is to find an accommodation. You can secure a furnished apartment in Tokyo with KaguAruoo – an online rental platform that allows you to search for furnished apartments, send inquiries to the listings you are interested in, sign the lease contract with the landlord and most importantly pay for the rent via credit card. All transactions are done Online.

Language barrier

Contrary to what most people say, you do not have to be a fluent Japanese speaker if you want to study in Japan. There are a lot of universities in Japan that offer courses in the English language. Having basic knowledge of the language will get you through. Therefore, if you are slowly learning the Japanese language, being able to immerse yourself in the language by communicating with native Japanese speakers is the best way to harness and practice.

Cultural differences

Even though you might say that you have read almost any related topics to Japanese culture, it could be insufficient if you do not experience Japan personally and interact with the Japanese people. As previously mentioned, you do not need to be fluent in speaking the language but it will be best if you have some basic Japanese conversational skills before setting foot in the country. Contrary to what most people think, Japanese culture and etiquette are not complex. Japanese people by nature are very helpful and courteous. Please bear in mind to extend an effort to uphold their customs and traditions.

Tuition Fee

Universities in Japan have a tuition fee of around 15,000 USD to 20,000 USD a year. The number is much lower than the tuition fees of universities in the US and Europe. Living expenses of students vary depending on the accommodation, food, utilities, books and other miscellaneous fees. One may expect a splurge of expenses when studying abroad, but the return of investment is worth it – better employment opportunities await.

Life changing

Studying abroad would mean drastic changes in your life. You are literally moving your life to a new country, fortunate to those who have relatives already living there, but for some, you are on your own. Culture is shocking at first and you will feel alienated, but as time goes by, you will learn to adapt to the changes in your new environment and slowly create peers. Therefore, do not just lock yourself inside your room, instead go out, enjoy every bit of Japan as you can, but keep in mind the purpose of why you are there.

opportunities to be able to extend your stay in Japan

After completing your studies in Japan, one of the hardest decisions you will make is whether you will be looking for a job in Japan or to return home to your native country. One of the advantages of studying in Japan is the opportunity to be able to work there. Japan has a huge demand for foreign workers. The Japanese government has been slowly opening up its doors to foreign workers in recent years in order to address the nation’s aging population and shrinking labor force.

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