Why Minato City? — Look for Furnished Apartments in Tokyo

Minato-ku or Minato City in English, is a special ward located in the southern part of Tokyo, Japan.  Minato City was established in 1947 when the cities of Tokyo and Shiba were merged. The name Minato-ku means port district, and the area has always been known for its maritime history. The area is home to many of Tokyo’s most famous landmarks including the Tokyo Tower, the Roppongi Hills Complex and the Mori Art Museum.  If you are interested in looking for a furnished apartment to live in Minato-ku, simply visit KaguAruoo. A new rental website that allows you to search, inquire, sign the contract and pay the rent online. It is a very convenient and hassle-free way to secure a place to live even before entering Japan.

Roppongi Hills-4You can find many embassies from different countries at Minato City.  The United States Embassy in Tokyo is located in Minato-ku.  Other embassies in the area include those of the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Italy, and Spain.  You can find more embassies in Tokyo here.  Minato City is also the best place for foreign students in Japan because it provides a number of benefits that other areas do not. For example, Minato City is home to a number of prestigious universities. One of which is the University of Tokyo which is considered to be one of the top universities in the world. It is a public research university that offers courses in a wide range of disciplines and research programs that covers many areas including the humanities, law, economics, business, science and technology.  Minato City is a relatively safe and secure area, which makes it very important for foreigners who may be unfamiliar with the county. As a matter of fact, Minato City is a great place to stay in Japan. Generally, this place is known for being safe and clean with plenty of amenities.  The area is full of things to do and see, and it is also a great place to base yourself if you want to explore the rest of Japan. Accommodation options are plenty here and transportations is excellent, making it easier to get around — Minato City is accessible to other parts of Tokyo via the Tokyo Metro and Toei Subway lines.

Minato City is a perfect place to visit for anyone interested in Japanese culture, history and food. Here are some of the many famous landmarks and attractions you will find here:


Tokyo Tower is a communications and observation tower in Shiba Park. It was originally the original skyline landmark of the city until Tokyo Skytree was built which was a bit taller than the Tokyo Tower. Even so, the Tokyo Tower still has not lost its grandeur as a remarkable impression of the Eiffel Tower in France. Here, you can enjoy the magnificent view of the city from the observation decks which stands 333.3 meters (1,092 ft) tall and about 150 m (490 ft) in diameter.




Roppongi Hills Arena - Flickr - ehnmarkRoppongi Hills is a landmark complex in the Roppongi district of Minato City. It is one of Japan’s largest urban development projects. The place includes a shopping mall, offices, apartments, restaurants, bars, clubs, a museum, an outdoor amphitheater and a TV station. Roppongi Hills was opened in 2003 and located in its center is the famous Mori Tower (one of the tallest buildings in the city). You can find restaurants, shops and an observation deck on the topmost floor. Another interesting place in Roppongi Hills is the Mori Garden.


Nogi Shrine antique marketNogi Shrine is a Japanese Shinto shrine in Minato City. The shrine was founded in 1180 by Minamoto no Yoshishige and is now dedicated to his grandson, Minamoto no Yoshinaka and his wife Tokiwa Gozen. The powerful story behind it is that shortly after Emperor Meiji’s demise, General Nogi Maresuke together with his wife Shizuko committed suicide to follow the late emperor. A large number of people were moved by the couple’s allegiance and up to this day, the shrine continues to have visitors who pays respect to General Nogi and his wife.


Akasaka Palace 5The Akasaka Palace is a historic building in Tokyo, Japan. The palace was built in 1909 as a residence for the Crown Prince of Japan and served as the official residence of the Prime Minister of Japan from 1929 to 2022. Now, the place serves as a grand venue for diplomatic activities. The palace or also known as the State Guest House is the only palace in Japan that has the neo-baroque style architecture. The palace has already hosted a large number of foreign dignitaries such as presidents, monarchs, prime ministers from different countries.


2018 National Art Center, Tokyo 2The National Art Center in Minato City is a museum that specializes in contemporary art. The museum has a collection of over 13,000 pieces of art, and it also has a library and research center. The National Art Center in Minato City is open to the public from Tuesday through Sunday. The exterior and interior of the museum provides a wide space where visitors can be in a relaxed and comfortable environment.



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