Where to Enjoy Snow in Japan (Find a Furnished Apartment)

Snow transforms Japan into a magical wonderland. This is also a perfect season to visit and watch Japan covered in that heavenly blanket and watch a totally unique beauty that winter can only bring. The season of snow in Japan starts as early as November and peaks until late February and lasts until May. If you will be visiting Japan during this season, find a furnished apartment with KaguAruoo. A website that offers a convenient and hassle-free way of renting furnished apartments in Tokyo or all over Japan.

Afternoon in Ginzan Onsen Town in January 2022 D

Relax and enjoy a dip at an onsen during the snow season. Apart from the calming and healing effects of the onsen waters, a much elevated experience awaits you as you savor the picturesque white scenery before your eyes. One of the recommended onsen in Japan during the snow season is the Ginzan Onsen at Yamagata. With its traditional wooden structures plus streets lined up with gas lamps, the mood is truly magical. Another recommendation is the Nyuto Onsen at Akita. The onsen has a number of natural hot springs and wooden inns along the shores of Japan’s deepest lake – Tazawako.

US Navy 120204-N-ZI955-042 Navy Misawa Snow Sculpture Team leader photographs festival attendees in front of the Lone Sailor snow sculptureIt is not Japan if we will not be talking about festivals. Seasonal winter festivals are here to amuse everyone who loves to celebrate during this chilly season. There are different festivals held across the country. Two of the hottest festivals are Sapporo Snow Festival and Otaru Snow Light Path. You can see gigantic ice sculptures during the Sapporo Snow Festival. These ice sculptures are not to be treated lightly as most of these sculptures reach more than 15 meters high.

Monkey Meditation (Unsplash)Soon as winter approaches, so is the appearance of the wild monkeys at Jigokudani Monkey Park. These snow monkeys huddled together while enjoying a bath in the hot springs near Yudanaka and Shibu Onsen in Nagano Prefecture. Don’t get me wrong, these monkeys are present in all seasons, but it is a different experience when you watch them bathe and play in the hot springs during winter.

Another winter marvel is the Zao Snow Monsters. The monsters referred to in this attraction are trees which are densely covered with snow that takes in different shapes and forms. The perfect timing to witness these snow monsters is around the middle of February. A popular activity during the snow season in Japan is skiing. Japan has a lot of ski resorts – from massive snow resorts to smaller ones. Japan has it all. The best ski resorts can be found in the northern part – Hokkaido and Tohoku.

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