Valentine’s Day in Tokyo: Tokyo Furnished Apartment

Valentine’s Day or also called Saint Valentine’s Day is celebrated annually around the world on February 14. This is the day when lovers express their affection with greetings and gifts. Interestingly, Valentine’s Day in Japan is a little different from the rest of the world. Before we unlock the difference, let’s find first where you can secure a fully furnished apartment in Tokyo. There’s this website in Japan that lets you search, pick & rent Tokyo furnished apartments online. Create an account at KaguAruoo and communicate with your landlord anytime and anywhere.

So why is Valentine’s Day in Japan different? This is because women are the ones who often give gifts to men instead of the other way around. This happened because, in the early ’50s, a Japanese chocolate company wanted to profit from this special occasion where people are buying things for their loved ones. But by accident or let us say on purpose, the ads for Valentine’s Day were misinterpreted as a day when women showed love to the men in their lives by giving them various types of chocolate and this tradition continues as of this day.

Giving chocolates on Valentine’s Day has meaning in Japan, they are honmei-choco and giri-choco. So make sure to specify the type when you give it. Honmei-choco means Favourite chocolate, this chocolate is given to a very special person, such as a boyfriend, husband or close male friend. honmei-choco are accompanied by a ‘love confession’, where a woman asks the recipient to be her boyfriend. Giri-choco means Obligation chocolate, this chocolate is given to someone without a romantic attachment, such as colleagues, friends, or bosses.

Sky Lounge Aurora is located inside the Keio Plaza. This is the most romantic place for a dinner date in Tokyo as it offers a panoramic view of the metropolis of Tokyo. Catching the sunset is the best time to be here. Watching the sunset while enjoying nice food with your special someone is the best of all.

Sky Restaurant is located in Tokyo Financial District. If you are looking for a fancy place to have your date, Sky Restaurant 634 is the most high-profile romantic place for a date in Tokyo. The restaurant has the best views of the biggest city in the world, along with unparalleled views of Mount Fuji that add to the romantic feel.

Imperial Palace East Gardens is located at a convenient 5-10 minutes walking distance from the Tokyo Station. If you are into nature feels, this place is best for your date as the garden part of this attraction is very well maintained and exemplifies the expert landscaping skills of the Japanese people.

Shinjuku Gyoen is located just a 10-minute walk away from the east Shinjuku Station. This place is among the most dramatic places to celebrate Valentine’s Day in Tokyo. Walk your date here to enjoy the wide lawns, beautiful ponds, cherry blossom trees, and many flower varieties.

Now you’re thinking, why can only women show their love? Don’t get it wrong! Because exactly one month later White Day takes place on March 14. On this day men return the V-Day favor threefold, yes it is three times the cost. They will give to all the women who gave them gifts on February 14 and it can be expensive for men so, women do get much love too! As the name suggests, the theme of the day is white, so women often expect white chocolate, white scarves or accessories, and/or silver jewelry.


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