Art Appreciation – Tokyo Furnished Apartments

Japan is known as one of the world’s premier destinations when it comes to art. Thanks to its rich traditional culture and contemporary arts and architecture. Tokyo, Kyoto and Osaka are some of the major cities in Japan that are home to numerous world class museums and galleries. To be able to visit these magnificent establishments is a dream come true for art lovers. What are you waiting for? Visit Japan as soon as you get the chance. With the hassle-free and 100% online transactions at KaguAruoo, securing a furnished apartment in Tokyo is such a breeze. Since all transactions are done online, you can prepare your accommodation ahead of time, without worrying about hiring a real estate agent, opening a bank account in Japan and looking for a guarantor. With KaguAruoo, there is no deposit, no key money, no broker’s fee and no guarantor. It is like booking in a hotel.

From amazing sculptures in the middle of nowhere to art islands, here are Japan’s most unique and worthwhile art destinations:

Art Island. This Japan’s best known art destination is located at Naoshima, Teshima and Inujima. Yayoi Kusama, a Japanese artist and her iconic polka dot pumpkin art have become famous almost everywhere and the best place to see her work of art is at Naoshima. You can find Kusama’s most photographed sculpture overlooking the Seto Naikai, her black and yellow kabocha (pumpkin). Much of Naoshima’s art was installed by Benesse corporation. The Chichu Art Museum, Lee Ufan Museum and all other buildings in Benesse House are designed by the very well known Japanese architect Ando Tadao. In addition, modern architect Ishii Kazuhiro designed Naoshima’s municipal buildings and schools. The island serves as the main venue of the Setouchi Triennale art festival.

Second is the Adachi Museum of Art. Found in rural Shimane about an hour from Matsue City is where you can see the beautiful Adachi Museum of Art. It is commonly famous because of its award winning garden and has been names by the Journal of Japanese Gardening the best garden in Japan since 2003. The Adachi Museum of Art also houses a collection of nearly 1300 twentieth century paintings and artworks which are rotated seasonally. There is also a permanent exhibit of paintings by Yokoyama Taikan, as well as a ceramics exhibit. The garden can be fully enjoyed by tourist at anytime of the year and shows a different character depending on the season which makes it more amazing. It can only be viewed from the museum building.

Echigo-Tsumari Art Field. It is a unique and delightful way to see the Japanese Countryside when visiting the Echigo-Tsunami Art Field and exploring its surrounding villages. Covered in 160 art installations made by artists from around the globe, those behind the art field work encourage tourism and bring visitors to this quiet area, a couple of hours north of Tokyo. Besided the Echigo-Tsunami Art Exhibits giving the best attractions, tourists could see the rural landscape of terrace rice fields, forested hills and small villages.


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