Dine in the Best Restaurants in Niseko (Hokkaido Furnished Apartments)

Niseko — famously known as the ski resort in Japan, also known for having tons of light powder snow, and a beautifully amazing backcountry. A lot of tourists go to Niseko to experience skiing and snowboarding. Aside from the fun that Niseko is famous for, the place is also known for having some of the best, authentic restaurants.

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Here are some of the best restaurants found in Niseko:

Sushi Kato

This restaurant is popularly known as one of the authentic Japanese restaurants found in Niseko, reservations are highly recommended when you want to try because their place is small and intimate. They are one of the best because when you enter the restaurant you’ll then be greeted by their chefs which are so polite and also their delicious seafood such as the Kinki fish, is caught fresh daily and is prepared in front of you. How authentic is that? Aside from seafood, they also have people’s favorite dish, the wagyu beef that literally melts in your mouth when you eat it. The meal sets are kinda pricey but it is all worth it.

Price: ¥10,000 – ¥20,000 per person

An Dining

Another authentic restaurant in Niseko is An Dining. Everyone usually says this restaurant does not disappoint you. Located in Ki Niseko, this restaurant serves up delicious authentic Japanese cuisines in a high quality range of product and service. The head chef was born and raised in Japan named Shinichi Maeda and his main goal for the restaurant is to serve up only local Hokkaido ingredients and that is what makes it really authentic. They also serve up some delicious cocktails and a multiple course menu to choose from, which is very highly recommended.

Price: ¥5000 – ¥10,000 per person

Food Trucks

Niseko’s food truck scene is on the rise, starting with only a handful of street vendors, the selection continues to grow with a wide gathering of food trucks. All catering to the demand for comforting quick meals for those going to and from the slopes. There is a variety of food selection, from Japanese to Indian cuisines, pizzas to hotdogs, sandwiches to fish and chips and kebabs and a lot more. The locals regularly gather around these vendors by showing them support, while travelers across the world form a new bond of friendship on the spot over eating delicious food and a cold Japanese beer in hand. The food trucks are unmissable stop in town, operating from morning till’ night, refuel on the go and try some of Niseko’s best bites with the locals.

Price: ¥1,000 – ¥1,500 per person

Plan and Pack for Niseko:

Always have a down jacket when travelling in the winter, fall or even spring when going to Japan. Down jackets aren’t just good for hikes but are also good for doing anything outside. Also, always have an adapter with you. Many adapters around the world are interchangeable, so make sure you find a good one to keep you charged.

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