Crown Melons: Why is it Expensive?

We sure love melons – its musky fragrance, mellow taste, smooth texture and juicy pulp. Melons in Japan aren’t just simple as we all know. Introducing Japan’s king of fruits, the crown melon. Crown melons are not something that you can pick up as a snack. On the contrary, it is but a luxurious fruit that costs about $200 per piece. Why are crown melons expensive? Before we unfold the reason, did you know that you can rent furnished apartments in Japan conveniently and hassle-free? Not to mention, never having to worry about looking for a guarantor, opening a bank account in Japan and preparing all those paperworks. At KaguAruoo, all transactions are done online. You can search, pick and rent furnished apartments in Tokyo and all over Japan, online. You can even sign the lease contract at the comfort of anywhere you are. Paying the rent is also very convenient as KaguAruoo accepts payment via credit card online. Find Tokyo furnished apartments with KaguAruoo and move-in right away.

So what is it that makes this fruit so expensive?

Known as the king of fruits in Japan, crown melons are grown with meticulous care and attention. The fruit is so rare that it has only grown in Shizuoka prefecture. Only a single melon is grown on each vine so that all of the taste and nutrients concentrate into one fruit and would take 100 days to grow.

Climate is the crucial factor for the growth of melons for ensuring their best quality. The perfect place suitable for growing melons must have long hours of sunlight and that is at the western part of Shizuoka prefecture in Enshu region. Crown melons are grown under glass greenhouses. Since glass lets sunlight pass well, it is also suitable for the melons that require further light to grow better. With Japan’s technology in use, the temperature inside the glass greenhouses are closely monitored to keep the humidity appropriate as temperature and humidity inside the greenhouse is one of the most important things, and it highly influences the posture of the tree, the size of the fruit, and the pattern of the net on its surface.

Crown melons are cultivated by the skillful professional hand of an artisan farmer. Each crown melon is cultivated on the separated bed soil which enables melons to grow with a certain amount of soil separated from the ground. Having this method enables farmers to precisely control the amount of fertilizer and water given to each vine. The separated bed plays a crucial part in the delicious greenhouse melons because the taste of melon highly depends on the amount of water and the timing of watering.

Only melons that passed the strict inspections can receive the crown as “Crown Melon”. The levels of the freshness, sugar content, flavor, and ripeness are quality checked and only melons that meet the required standards are shipped. This means you can ensure that only the best of the best is being served at your table. With all its meticulous process, Crown Melon is surely worth its price.

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