Enjoy a Picnic in the Heart of Tokyo — Tokyo Furnished Apartment

Nothing is more relaxing than having a picnic in the vast and magnificent beauty of mother nature. The smell of fresh air, the green grass beneath your feet, the sound of the birds chirping, perhaps a view of a lake or overlooking a field full of trees and flowers. It does not matter if you have a simple tabletop spread, or a gourmet basket, having a picnic is truly a wonderful experience as long as it is paired with one of the best things in life — nature, food and the people whom you share it with.

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Here are some of the parks that you will totally love to have your picnic right in the heart of Tokyo:

Yoyogi Park

This is considered as Tokyo’s hippest park. Why? Because almost all of the city’s activities are held here. It is also the top most visited park in Tokyo as it has a very beautiful scenery, which is why holding picnics here is the norm. You must have your picnic in sunny weather of course and the only time you can see lesser people walking around this park is during winter. Yoyogi park is also spacious and a lot of people play all sorts of sports in the open space.

Access: Yoyogi or Harajuku Station
Business hours: Open all day, everyday.

Showa Memorial Park

The park is just 30 minutes away from Tokyo. Showa Memorial Park is located in the city of Tachikawa. This park is huge, it boasts a variety of natural spaces, seasonal flowers, museums and a lot more. Since this park has a wide natural space, this is a go-to place for people who love to enjoy a picnic with their loved ones. The park also offers a few outdoor activities such as cycling and boating. For those who would also like to experience a barbecue party, you can also hold it here.

Access: Tachikawa Station
Business hours: 9:30 – 17:00

Shinjuku Gyoen

Shinjuku Gyoen is one of the largest and popular parks in Tokyo. The vast lawn, windy walking paths and calm scenery provides solace from the busy city life. This park is known for its majestic beauty in spring — all the cherry blossoms will be in full bloom, making it a perfect place to enjoy a picnic. It is also said to be less crowded than Yoyogi park.

Access: Shinjuku Station
Business hours: 9:00 – 16:30

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