Things to Know Before Traveling to Japan

Japan is a fascinating destination with unique attractions. A nation of innovation and progress and proud of its culture. You can see many temples, shrines, beautiful gardens with co-existing futuristic skyscrapers, bullet trains, and pop culture. For those visiting for the first time, you may feel confused about the wide variety of services and options. There’s a good chance you’ll feel a little lost as getting around seems a little daunting.

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We have listed basic things you need to know to help you save your time and money and to make sure your trip to Japan is fun and full of good memories.


We all know Japan is the safest place as it is always on the top ten lists of the world’s safest countries. When traveling solo, especially if you are a female, Japan is the best country to put on your bucket list. Being the safest doesn’t mean you can be comfortable with everything. As with any destination, you need to be vigilant, stay out of shady areas, and always respect their rules and traditions.


Before traveling to Japan, have your cash converted as cash is king in Japan. Unlike in any other country where you can travel cashless, in Japan you need cash as everywhere you go the payment is mostly by cash. Some are also accepting credit cards but always be sure to have plenty of yen in your wallet to avoid inconvenience.


Learn a few basic phrases like “hello”, “Thank you”, “please”, “excuse me”. Having been able to know these basic local languages will save you a lot of time or inconvenience as most of the signs don’t have an English translation.


While your tattoos may be an artistic way to express yourself, in Japan tattoos are considered taboo as they tend to associate them with criminals like the Yakuza gang. Although you can always visit Japan even if you have one, it is just that you can’t visit traditional Japanese onsen where they most likely ask if you have any tattoos before you’re allowed entry.


It is a major sign of disrespect if you leave your shoes when entering someone’s house or even in several restaurants, so be sure to check around if you should slip your shoes off or not.

Service Tip

Remember not to tip when eating in any restaurant in Japan. This rule is also true for hotel staff and other service staff you’ll encounter during your trip.

Pointing at people and things

Pointing at people or things with your finger is considered rude in Japan. Also, greeting strangers on the street with a friendly “hello,” eating or drinking in public, and snapping photos of people without their permission are all big no-nos in Japan. So be always mindful of how you handle situations.

Hotel rates

Hotel rates are high during cherry blossom season in Japan with so many tourists around the world traveling to Japan so expect competitive hotel rates during this time of year. Be sure to book your hotel, flight, and even trains ahead of time to avoid exorbitant prices. Book your furnished apartment with KaguAruoo.

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