Trick or Treat in Japan

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It is Halloween Season once again! Halloween is one of the biggest events on the Japanese calendar, held on the 31st of October. In Japan, Halloween is not just about trick or treating but it’s more focused on how creative Japanese people are from showing off their mind blowing Halloween costumes during the event. Sad to say, it cannot still be celebrated on the streets just like the usual gathering, all because of the current situation. It was always fun back then. Different costumes are being paraded in the streets and you will see people in costumes inside the busy train ride and a lot more.

Halloween Costumes in Japan

Japanese and tourists alike who want to celebrate Halloween in Japan, dresses up in all kinds of crazy and very creative looking costumes. You can bump into them in night clubs, bars, theme parks, on the train and of course in the street where Halloween is somehow celebrated through street parties. Popular costumes vary between being all so cute or having terrifying costumes. People dress up as their favorite character from computer games, manga anime series, TV shows and films. Of course classic costumes never go out of style such as witches, wizards, devils, black cats. Some people even went all out by making art of their body like having scars that looks so surreal, some even creates a look that their brain is peeking through their head which is a very artistic move. There are also costumes that don’t make sense at all but look so fun, just like the banana costume that can be bought around some shops in Japan. The go to shops where people can buy costumes is at Ikebukuro, it is a major center for Japan’s anime culture. Other popular chain shops where people go for shopping some costumes are Don Quijote, Akihabara and Daiso.

Halloween Street Party in Japan

A block party or a street party is also one of the most fun parts during Halloween season in Japan. It has been growing every year especially with teens and young adults. It is a wonderland of wild, fun, unusual and scary character costumes and we all know how crazy people in Japan get when creating and cosplaying character costumes. If you are dying to join the street party, you should definitely go to Shibuya, it’s a wild crowd there during the season. However, if you will be traveling with kids and want to celebrate Halloween peacefully, you should definitely avoid the crowd. Sad part about this street party is that there are some tourists who do not know how to respect the place and confidently throw their trash everywhere. In Japan, that trait is really unacceptable. So make sure you throw your garbage properly.

Halloween Trick or Treat in Japan

It is something new because in some countries the Halloween tradition is known to be as “Trick or Treat” that is usually done by kids. But in Japan, people don’t do the “Trick or Treat” tradition, although you can still see some doing it and giving away sweet treats to eat during Halloween. The tradition which the Japanese people have embraced is the carving of orange pumpkins or what is commonly known as Jack-o lanterns. There are also restaurants and bakeries serving special edition Halloween desserts which are also a huge hit during the season and some stores are selling some limited-edition-product which are only brought into the market during the Halloween season.

Halloween Party on  the Train in Japan

Another unique and amazing Halloween happening in Japan is their mode of transportation. From a busy, stressful and quiet train their trains transform into a wild, crazy and trendy place to celebrate the event. This fun chaos was started by Americans when they visited Japan during Halloween and started throwing Halloween parties on the train in the year 1990 and left a huge amount of mess behind. Today, Halloween on train is much more organize because they have come up with a new rule that a person will have to register or sign up to the website to experience the Halloween on train.

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