Amazing Things About Sumo Wrestling II Tokyo Furnished Apartments

There are many amazing things about sumo wrestling in Japan. You can read our previous blog about sumo wrestling where you’ll get a glimpse of the hierarchy, tournament, and stables of sumo.

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Let’s now discover amazing things you never knew about Sumo Wrestling in Japan

It’s not just a game but a religious ritual

Sumo started a long time ago compared to other sports worldwide. This sport was done with a Shinto ritual to ensure a bountiful harvest and to honour the spirits, kami. Sumo wrestlers up to today are still living with Shinto principles that’s why this sport is still very closely associated with its religious origins. Also, every newly promoted yokozuna, known as the highest rank sumo, would perform his first ring-entering ceremony.

Rules of the match

1. Match will not start until both of the wrestlers have placed both hands on the ground.
2. Sumo bouts only last longer than a few seconds, this means that the action is very fast-paced and exciting.
3. Match ends when one of the wrestlers is thrown out of the ring, or if any part of his body touches the ground except the soles of his feet.
4. Match can also end if one of the wrestlers loses his mawashi or loincloth.

Sumo life

As grand as it may seem, but sumo life is hard. Sumo wrestlers’ lives are possibly the most rigidly regimented and disciplined of any other athletes as their training in the sumo stable is never easy. The sumo stable is where the lives of sumo wrestlers revolve. It is where they live, eat, train, and sleep throughout their career unless they get married, in which case they are allowed to live in an independent dwelling.

Sumo wrestlers have not always been fat

It was only very recently in the history of sumo that the wrestlers were fat. Since there are no weight divisions in professional sumo, every wrestler just wants to get as big as possible to use his weight in the ring to win the match.

No cars allowed

Sumo wrestlers aren’t allowed to drive cars. Interesting as this may sound but due to a serious car accident involving a sumo wrestler on the record, the Sumo Association banned wrestlers from driving their own cars.

Traditional clothes everywhere you are

Sumo wrestlers have to wear traditional clothes in accordance with the strict rules governing their lives. They aren’t allowed to choose their own clothes from the day they are stable. They are also expected to grow their hair as a topknot or chonmage similar to samurai hairstyles and are expected to wear this hairstyle and traditional dress at all times when out in public.

Sumo wrestling is indeed a fascinating world and we have unveiled interesting things you must know about this sport.


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