Where to Shop for Souvenirs in Japan

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It is customary for a person who travels to a different country to bring home stuff or souvenirs from his/her travels. There will be one thing or a couple of things that you buy that will always remind you of the place you have visited. Thus, you go shopping! Shopping in a different country can be an adventure and an unforgettable experience.

Japan, as a progressive country, shopping centers are a bounty. Here are some places you can shop when you want to bring a little piece of Japan to your home:

Don Quijote

The most famous discount shop with around 30 store locations in Tokyo alone. This shop sells a lot of different items ranging from food, daily items, home furniture, toys, clothes and other out of the ordinary things that you can only find in Japan. If you are looking for a one of a kind souvenir to bring home and make you remember a lot of your Japan trip, you should probably stop and explore this store.

Village Vanguard

A shop where you can find a variety of playful Japanese items popular with the young generation in Japan. This store’s main branch is in Shibuya. You can find a wall stocked in books, comics, apparel and some other items. You can also find some Japan made accessories and some snacks that are strange to some tourists just like the jumbo-sized candies and even chocolate flavored soba. It is great to stroll through Village Vanguard and search for perfect items or gifts to give to your loved ones who is young at heart.

Matsumoto Kiyoshi

Almost every girl’s dream is to buy the perfect skincare and make-up when they travel. Matsumoto Kiyoshi a beauty and health care nationwide drugstore chain that carries Japanese cosmetics, skincare, medical products, beauty supplements and some food and drinks at affordable prices. It is a hop that locals go to regularly because of its large section and budget friendly prices to pick up daily items, cosmetics and pharmaceutical items. What’s amazing in this store is that you can also find health focused goods. If you are interested how Japanese people achieve that beauty and self care glow, you should definitely go to this shop.

Mitsui Outlet Park Osaka Tsurumi

This is Japan’s very first factory outlet mall, a bit smaller in size compared to other malls but is guaranteed to be packed with more than enough choices for your shopping needs. It’s an amazing mall because it has a lot of stores including some popular foreign and designer brands and aside from these, there are also local brands, restaurants and cafes available in Mitsui as well. Mitsui is also popular because of its photogenic exterior design with its retractable roof that ensures you an undisturbed shopping spree despite any weather conditions. It is also very accessible that is why most tourist chose to shop at Mitsui.

Other Stores: Yodabashi Camera for some Electronic shopping, Loft for Stationery and Specialty good from Japan, Tokyu Hands for Japan made items for someone special, Kiddy Land for Hello Kitty and Sanrio goods, Daiso for affordable Japanese quality items.

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