Japan: We Adore You

Japan is uniquely adored because of its safety, cleanliness, being organized and so much more. It is so easy to admire the beautiful landscapes, advanced cities and their culture. But what makes it more admirable are the people living within it, on how they are so well disciplined and very well organize in the things they do everyday of their life.

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Here are some reasons why Japan is uniquely admired by people:

Japan is safe

From delivery men leaving packages in the street in broad daylight, to the unchained bicycles just beside the streets or outside a store, there is very little need to worry about theft. Like many customs in Japan’s polite culture, much of the society operates on a code of honor. Japan is commonly known and rated as one of the safest places in the world, traveler’s are often amazed by the fact that locals just leave their things unaccompanied in cafes or bars. You can literally place your things anywhere and even if you leave it there for hours when you come back for it, it is still there.

Japan is very well organize

Japan is unique because the respect for order in Japan is awe-inspiring. From the pristine clean streets to the perfect ordering of store shelves, everything from floor to ceiling has been accounted for. The way the Japanese live their lives flows into the environment and you will see it everywhere you look. Everybody takes pride in both their work and the environment, and you will never see a citizen littering. From the delivery drivers cleaning their company vehicle daily, to metro cleaning staff cleaning train cars before every departure; the Japanese take cleaning to the next level. The streets will be clean, beautifully maintained, and marked with efficiency in mind as well. Just like the street, sidewalks will be lined to separate the movement of pedestrian traffic as well. On the left are people moving forward with you, and on the right will be people moving toward you.

Japan’s technology

Who doesn’t want to push the toilet buttons in Japan? One of the amazing technologies that you can find in Japan is the one that they have built in their toilet wherein you can just push the button and it can clean you up instantly. Although it would be a little difficult for some travelers because instruction is written in Japanese language, no worries because it also has some illustrations which are somehow understandable when you see it. Robots have been making their way around Japan for quite a while now, they have a restaurant wherein the one who will serve the customers are robots, how cool is that. They also have vending machines just around the corner that serves anything from soup to coffee, even not-food related stuff are found in vending machines.

Japan’s food

Of course, Japan can never go wrong with their food. From convenience store foods up until a 5-star hotel quality food — it is perfectly delicious! You may have just thought of sushi when you hear Japan but in reality some of the best beef comes from Japan. Many restaurants are specialized in a single type of dish while there are others who offer a variety of dishes. Tourists can encounter a diverse set of regional foods as they move from area to area because Japan has been divided into distinct regions and each of which has developed its own unique culinary traditions. That is why foods in Japan are extremely a must try when you visit, from fast food chains to little secret alleys that was established years ago up to the street foods that have been crowded by tourist and even locals.

How amazing it is to experience this culture. You are not alone in wanting to relocate to Japan or even just a visit. It is one of the most amazing places to move in or just pay a visit.

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