A Year in Japan

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It could be a hard decision to make on what season is the best season to visit Japan. Though not everyone is aware that you can visit Japan in any season. You can tour a whole year round to experience all of it.

Here are some guides on how Japan looks like in each season and also some of its big events to look out for:


In the fiscal year, spring in Japan is considered from April to June but seasonally it is from the month of March until May.

What’s famous in the Spring season? Cherry Blossoms! The fleeting famously beautiful pink flowers that attract people from around the world. Depending on the type of cherry blossom tree and its location, this season usually starts as early as mid to end of February. It is often said that the warmer the winter, the earlier the cherry blossoms will start to bloom. If you’re the kind of person who doesn’t want to join the crowd, you can catch the cherry blossoms in April in the Northern part of Japan as they bloom later because peak season is mid to end of March to early April.

There’s a cluster of holidays in Japan and it is called The Golden Week. It starts in the beginning of May. It’s Constitution Day, Greenery Day and Children’s Day. Since it’s a national holiday, many people tend to take the week off and often use this extended break to go travelling. So it is great to visit Japan after the Golden Week until the end of July because the weather isn’t so hot yet and there’s no Japanese holidays, its quiet affordable to travel around and it not quite as busy.


Seasonally, summer in Japan starts in June until August. Places up north like Hokkaido have milder summers. Japan is really quite humid during the summer season. A sound Japanese people consider to be a symbol that Summer season is finally here is when they hear the sound of the cicadas.

The biggest festival during the summer is the Summer Festivals wherein people will be heading to their local temple or shrine wearing their traditional summer wear (Yukata) to play games and eat their favorite festival foods. Some of these summer festivals are Gion Festival in Kyoto, Tanabata Festival in Sendai and Awa Odori Festival in Tokushima. The Firework Festival is also one of the huge events during the season. Japan has been known to have an amazing fireworks industry that creates spectacular shows across the country. Among the most outstanding are the Nagaoka Firework Festival, Biwako Firework Festival and Sumidagawa Firework Festival.



In the fiscal year fall/autumn is considered during the month of October to December but seasonally it is from September to November. Fall/autumn tends to be a cool vibe, mild season from the cooling down weather from the heat of the summer but it still is very comfortable.

Fall/autumn is considered to be the time wherein you’ll be active in some Japanese cultures and because of the autumn foliage it has become the best reason why people visit Japan during the fall/autumn season. The stunning red, orange and yellow leaves as the weather cools down brings crowds both domestic and international. Another thing that is especially popular during the season is the Japanese maple or as what they call the momiji. Kyoto is a popular destination during this season to see the autumn leaves. Mountainous areas with lots of trees are also very popular.


The month where this season shows up is in December to February but in the fiscal year, it is considered to be in January until March. Japan gets a little bit cold during this time of the year with some areas having a lot of snow. Many people head to the places of Niigata, Akita and Hokkaido to search for snow and enjoy the fun of skiing and snowboarding. There is also the Sapporo Snow Festival which is famously known for its huge snow sculptures. Another popular during winter is the Shirakawa-Go due to its beautiful snow-covered thatched roofs of the traditional house village.

In Japan, the New year holiday is much bigger than the Christmas holiday. There are huge bargains at the end of the year and new year for shoppers, that’s why a lot of people grab their lucky bags from famous retailers and see what gifts are inside for some amazing prices. People also makes sure to visit a shrine to pray for good luck for the upcoming year ahead.

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