Ninjas: What You Need to Know

Are you a big fan of watching ninja movies where they can disappear so quickly and defeat tyrannical warlords with guerilla warfare and guile or the ability to control elements, summon animals, or walk on water? We are sure this is the best illustration we can draw when talking about ninjas. But, that’s far from what real ninjas are. Let’s go over some of your burning questions about ninjas and where to see them on your next trip to Japan.

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The first question now, is ninjas were real? The answer is yes! They still exist today, but their origins might be a little different from what we have seen in the movies.

To understand more about Ninjas, we will start with its etymology. Ninja or shinobi was a covert agent or mercenary in feudal Japan. Their function is spying, deception and surprise attack the enemy. Ninjutsu, the art of stealth, is the diverse range of skills practiced by the ninja and this includes training in armed combat, weapon techniques, military strategy, meteorology, geometry, and breathing synthesis.

To appreciate ninjas today, the best places are Iga and Koka. In the early 11th century, inhabitants from Iga and Koka were known for their unconventional warfare skills. Iga and Koka became an ideal hideout location for refugees, bandits, and losing parties of battles and many ninja families lived here.

We have listed the best places to appreciate ninjas today.

Iga Ninja Museum

Iga Ninja Museum is a small but well-done museum that consists of a ninja residence with revolving walls, trap doors, and hidden compartments. You can see ninja tools, gadgets and weapons are being displayed in exhibition halls. They also feature a demonstration zone with spectacular shows featuring ninja skills and real ninja weapons.

Koka Ninja Village

This village is remotely located in one of Koka City’s ninja-related attractions. You can experience the traps inside of the homes and try throwing stars on a target range. There is also a simple museum at the village displaying various manuals and tools utilized by the Koka Ninja in the past.

Koka Ninja Mansion

This 300-year-old mansion is not your ordinary mansion. You’ll see ingenious traps and devices inside and many alarm systems and escape tunnels to protect the original owners from intruders. You will learn about fighting and survival techniques through the various displays in the mansion.

Togakure Ninpo Museum

This place features tools and weapons in a showroom used by the ninja of the Togakure school. Its history started in the 12th-century, where a warrior from Nagano fled to Iga after fighting on the losing side of the war and returned home to open the Togakure school.

You have now unveiled the world of ninjas. Ninjas are also no ordinary people as they are trained to master these skills but we are absolutely sure they have no superpowers such as vanishing in a cloud of smoke that we mostly saw in the movies.

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