Vending Machines in Japan

We cannot disagree that Japan is an interesting and fascinating country. From the beautiful scenery, historical structures, delicious foods, serene waters to its ever bizarre yet effective technology. One thing that fascinates anyone who visits the country is the vending machines. You can find these transfixing machines in every corner of Japan’s streets. The contents are of a variety — from snacks, drinks, fruits, cakes, umbrellas and so much more. You name it and Japanese vending machines have it.

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You’ll be surprised to know the unimaginable things you can buy at vending machines in Japan!

Surgical mask vending machine

This vending machine is very popular nowadays due to the global pandemic. Everytime you turn on every corner, you will see face masks and hygiene products vending machines. In Japan, blowing your nose on a tissue in public is considered rude, so much so when you shove your used tissue into your pocket. In addition, even before the pandemic started, wearing face masks is always a normal thing in Japan. Therefore, this vending machine is here to provide every individual with convenience in acquiring these products with ease.

Puppy vending machine

Puppy in a vending machine?! Yes! Japanese pet stores are known for what appear to be puppy vending machines. These cute puppies are priced individually. We just hope that these puppies will land to good fur parents.

Apple vending machine

There’s a saying that an apple a day can keep the doctor away. It is very true in Japan as they can have apples anytime, anywhere of the day they want. Health is wealth indeed.

T-shirt vending machine

Just spilled some ramen all down your front? Don’t worry! Getting a t-shirt instantly out from a vending machine is not at all that crazy in Japan. Anyone can pick up basic tees with a huge range of colors from a t-shirt vending machine. If you need to change your shirt while in a rush or during sightseeing, you do not have to return home to change. Just a single tap and your brand new t-shirt is in your hand in seconds.

Latte art vending machine

In Japan, you won’t need to go to a fancy cafe to experience the joy of having a latte. Just head out to the Latte art vending machine to get a cute image on top of your daily caffeine, elevating your latte experience.

Flying fish soup vending machine

Yes, you read it right. Japan has a fish soup in a vending machine, not just any fish, but a flying fish soup! Each bottle of the soup contains one grilled mackerel in some delicious dashi stock. Dashi stock is used widely in Japanese cooking, it is often made from kelp or dried smoked bonito flakes.

Flower vending machine

Having the need to send some flowers over? This flower vending machine is perfect for you. It may not only save you time, but your relationship to anyone you give the flowers to. This vending machine is the perfect last-minute gift to go to.

Hamburger vending machine

Craving for a hamburger and the lines at fast food restaurants are too long? The Japanese really know the importance of having everything handed at such a pace and convenience imaginable. Just drop some coin and voila you have a delicious burger in your hand.

Underwear vending machine

Who would have thought of having an underwear vending machine? Of course, the Japanese. They never run out of ideas that will leave the people in amazement. It is a superb idea of procuring a vending machine that will hand over a sensitive and delicate piece of clothing. Who would expect you will be needing these essentials in a place where you expect you couldn’t get a hold of it. So, having this underwear vending machine is such a relief to everybody.


Japan is indeed the holy grail of vending machines. You can find almost anything inside a vending machine and have it everywhere. You can find more exciting and interesting vending machines in Japan when you visit.

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