Japan in September

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Throughout the year, Japan sees a regular stream of foreign visitors, but during September tour in Japan is relatively a quiet month, as schools are back and there are no major national holidays. September is not a boring month. It’s actually a very great time to enjoy two different seasons which are summer and autumn. You can hit the beach and enjoy the hot weather while feeling the coming of a new season, how amazing is that!

Best thing to do and nice places to visit in Japan in September:

Kishiwada Danjiri Matsuri

This festival is one of the most traditional festivals in Osaka, Japan. It is also known as the most energetic and manly festival in the country. People in the city, whether it may be male or female, kids or adults gather along the street to support their neighborhood in Danjiri (also known as large wooden float) race. A team pulls the 4-ton danjiri through the streets at top speeds while navigating hairpin turns. The most honored position belongs to the carpenters who ride on top of the ornate floats. They perform traditional fan dances and nimbly jump from one side to the other to shift the weight of the float when rounding corners. The dates for the Kishiwada Danjiri Matsuri change every year, but the festival generally takes place at the end of September and in mid-October.

Tokyo Game Show

The annual Tokyo Game Show is one of the biggest game events in the world. If you love video games, especially the Japanese ones, you would never want to miss this event! The event is not a TV program wherein you can win a showcase of prizes, instead, the event mainly focuses on showcasing some of the Japanese games. Although there are some international video game developers, producers, voice actors and others in the industry attend to speak in the panels and promote their new releases. The Tokyo Game Show runs for four days, but the first two days aren’t open to the public just yet, because it will be for the press and business.

Sumo Tokyo Basho

The Sumo Grand Tournament is held in Ryogoku Kokugikan stadium through September. Wrestlers wore the traditional loincloths during the match, and they kept their hair in a top-know even if they are outside the ring. The present form of this traditional sport developed during the Edo period as a means to please Shinto deities. The rule in this sport is simple, wrestlers should do their best to knock down or push their opponent out of bounds. Some of these tournaments only happen six times a year, which is why it is definitely one of the most spectacular things to experience in Japan.

Kinchakuda Higanbana Field

The Higanbana or also called Manjushage in Japanese/Lycoris radiata or red magic lily in English, starts blooming in mid September and is one of the most iconic autumn flowers in Japan. The biggest Higanbana field in Japan is located at Kinchakuda in Hidaka City, Saitama Prefecture. The whole site is covered with over a million of beautiful burning red hot Higanbana flowers that create a most spectacular view during autumn. The peak season of the Higanbana flower is mid to end of September, that is why it’s one of the reasons to travel during this month.


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