Konbini: Japanese Convenience Stores

Konbini — abbreviated word for a convenience store in Japan. When visiting Japan and walking along the streets of Japan, you will surely come across a lot of konbinis that are located everywhere. Konbini in Japan is a staple to the everyday routine of the locals. In major cities, it can be found on almost every corner of the streets, often more than one, so you are more likely to find konbini within a 5-minute walk from where you are staying.

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In Japan no matter where you are going, there is going to be a konbini that is within your reach, so you are never going to go far to look for snacks or even to pay your bills. One reason why konbinis are popular in Japan is because there is a strong competition among konbinis and each of them develops original products and services constantly. Another reason is that many people in the city live alone and are living their busy lives, therefore buying ready-to-eat foods for them is very much convenient rather than spending more time cooking in their kitchen.

Most of the things that are found at a konbini are foods, from biscuits to sandwiches, noodles and even bento (lunch boxes) are in konbinis, very convenient right.

Here are some budget friendly and tasty foods found at a konbini:


Also called a rice ball, onigiri is number one on the list when you go to a konbini. A quick meal wrapped in seaweed with a lot of fillings to choose from, may it be tuna, salmon, chicken, beef or egg. A very convenient on-the-go food that is always tasty and never boring.


If you are not that much of a rice eater, you can opt for a sandwich instead. It may be so basic but Japanese konbini surely makes it the most extraordinary sandwich. You can dig into their fluffy, insanely delicious, addictive egg salad sandwich. Having it layer after layer after layer makes it more yummy!


Bento in a convenience store? What a dream! Bento is a known Japanese packaged lunch, composed of rice and a selection of delectable sides and desserts. It’s very amazing that a bento can be found in konbini stores, a meal to fill you up.


Yes, ramen can be found in konbini stores. Instant ramen is said to taste similarly like the real thing only at an affordable price. There’s a lot of flavors to choose from. Ramen is people’s late night craving best friend and it is good that it can be found at konbini stores.

Ice Cream

Who doesn’t love an ice cream stop when strolling around? There are a lot of very flavorful and yummy ice creams that are found in Japan. One of the most popular is called the mochi ice cream. It’s an ice cream that is wrapped in dough and frozen in a freezer. It’s so yummy, no wonder why both locals and tourists can’t get enough of it.

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