Fluffy Japanese Pancake

You can never go wrong with pancakes! In Japan, they make the fluffiest soufflé pancakes no one can resist. Say goodbye to your diet and welcome cheat-day everyday with these yummy, creamy, soft fluffy pancakes! When you visit Japan, make this on top of your bucket list – devouring this delicious fluffy pancake.

What makes Japanese pancakes different from any other pancakes?

The ingredients are all but the same! But what makes it different among others? Japanese would tell you it’s all about the eggs. They carefully separate the white from the yolk. Then, they beat the egg white separately to make a meringue — meringue is the one that looks like soft clouds as a result when the egg white is beaten continuously until stiff peaks form and it becomes a fluffy pancake because of the air bubbles that hold their shape inside the pancake batter.

People are recently hooked into these super fluffy pancake trends in Japan. Cafes and pastry shops in the country are increasingly in demand and racing to make the fluffiest, softest pancakes. The pancake craze in Japan went full swing in 2016. Here are some of the cafes who joined the competition for the best soufflé pancakes:

  1. Kiln-baked Soufflé Pancakes (窯焼きスフレパンケーキ) at Hoshino Coffee
  2. Miracle Pancakes (奇跡のパンケーキ) at Flippers
  3. Happy Pancake (幸せのパンケーキ) at A Happy Pancake

If you want to make fluffy japanese pancakes at home, here are some of the important tips from the experts:

1. Beat the white eggs correctly and perfectly.

Beating the white eggs correctly takes a lot of time and patience. It requires a lot of practice, some trial and errors and a lot more as you go along the process, but once you’ve gone all through this it will be worth it!

The goal is to make the egg white look stiff and when you lift the whisk the egg white goes up firmly. If the egg whites are over beaten it will break into pieces but if it is under beaten it won’t have enough air bubbles and it won’t be fluffy.

2. Preheating the pan on low setting

Preheating the pan at lowest heat prevents hot spots, this way there is a full control over cooking time and final result.

3. Vertically pile up the batter

Adding a new pile of batter over the other after it starts to form is one of the keys to making a lofty pancake.

4. On a low heat, cook it slow with a lid

Steady slow cooking on a low heat is necessary to cook the thick and fluffy Japanese pancake. Cover it with the lid to lock in the heat and moisture inside the pan.

Voila! You have made yourself a perfect Japanese fluffy pancake.

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