Autumn in Japan

Autumn in Japan is one of the most beautiful seasons in the country. It is the season where the foliage changes from the cool hues of green and blue to the warm hues of yellow and red. Autumn starts around September up to the last month of November. The weather temperature ranges at around 10 degrees celsius to 15 degrees celsius, depending on the region. In this season, people would wear two to three layers of clothes plus the shoals or neck warmers and gloves too!




The Colors of Autumn

One of the amazing and breathtaking sights of the autumn season is the transformation of the colors of the surroundings. The transition is so magical, that it just morphs right before your eyes, making you love Japan even more. The once majestic destinations you knew take on a different form during autumn. Thus, every year, Japanese forecasts Fall Foliage so that visitors and locals can plan their trip by trailing down the best viewing locations all over Japan.

The Yellow Ginkgo Tree

The yellow Ginkgo leaves or the Ginkgo is an ancient species that grew during the age of the dinosaurs. This ancient tree shows off and changes in foliage to a golden yellow during autumn season. There are a lot of places in Japan where the locals and tourists can enjoy the beautiful view of the Ginkgo trees. Walking down the yellow Ginkgo lane is unbelievably wonderful, especially with the beautiful sunny weather around. The colors of nature burst right before your eyes.


The Momiji Leaves

The Momiji – Maple leaves or the red leaves is one of the most magnificent sights during the autumn season. It has been popular in the country for a long time and now tourists are drawn and are eyeing to see and experience it too. One famous tourist attraction in Osaka for the autumn season is Minoh Park. Cascading red canopies of Momiji down the river are very attractive to the locals and tourists and especially to photographers who are looking for the best scenic, autumn views in Japan. Another famous autumn experience in Minoh Park, is a delicacy, the Momiji tempura. You can eat the leaves of the famous Japanese maple tree and it all started way back 1300 years ago. And because of this delicacy, it became a staple and a source of income for some of the locals living in the area. How they do it is they pickle the yellow maple leaves and keep them for one whole year, before they coat it with tempura batter and fry it. Maple leaf tempura is a special delicacy in Osaka, which is a must-try when visiting the Kansai region.

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