Picturesque Japan

Japan, undeniably, is a beautiful country. From its beautiful scenery, historical structures, delicious foods, serene waters, Japan is indubitably a picturesque country. Though the country has succumbed to modernization, with cities overflowing with modern structures and towering skyscrapers, Japan has maintained its balance between nature, cultural heritage and modernization.

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Below are the truly magnificent destinations you should never miss in Japan.


Hida-Takayama or “Little Kyoto” as the locals nicknamed it, has an abundance of lovely and interesting places to visit. It has many shrines, temples and old buildings dating back to the 18th century. Hida-Takayama is a small city in Gifu.

Once you’re there, don’t forget to taste locally brewed sake at Funasaka Sake Brewery. This brewery has been brewing sake with spring water from the Hida mountains for over two centuries. The sake produced here has low alcohol content (arounf 6%) with delicious and aromatic flavors of yuzu, plum or grapes.

Ogimachi Village

A UNESCO World Heritage Site, Ogimachi Village is the first of the three historic villages in the area of Shirakawa-gō and Gokayama. The village is a few minutes drive from Takayama and is famous for its Gassho-zukuri houses. These houses are uniquely designed to withstand the harsh winter season. Its distinctive roof design are steeply angled to prevent the snow from piling up in the roof.

Visiting Ogimachi village is like visiting old Japan. The place is very much preserved. You could see about 110 old houses which are already 250 years old. There is also a bridge where you can cross the Shokawa river with majestic views of the mountains.


Otaru is located in the northernmost prefecture of Japan, Hokkaido. The town’s stunning canal is lined with old warehouses and housed the most famous places in Japan to enjoy fresh seafood. One of the most popular attractions in Otaru is the Otaru canal. People of all walks of life enjoy a stroll along the canal especially during night time where the banks are magically lit by old lamps adding a feeling of nostalgia to the experience. Otaru has a festival called Otaru Snow Gleaming Festival that is held in February. The canal is glowing with snow lanterns.


Furano is a small city known for its farmland vistas. The best time to visit is July as the town blossoms with a sea of purple lavender that is so picturesque. The lavender fields of Furano have attracted many visitors every year. Other than lavender, flowers such as poppies and lupines flourish here. A reason to visit Furano is a chance to taste the very popular lavender ice cream. During winter, this town is one of the country’s most popular downhill and cross-country skiing destinations.


Sendai is only 90 mins away from Tokyo by train. This beautiful city has risen amongst the rubbles brought about by the earthquake that shook the place last 2011. Due to its abundance of green spaces, this city was nicknamed “City of Trees”. This is also a perfect spot to view the cherry blossoms during spring. One of the best parks to spot cherry blossoms is Tsutsujigaoka Park with more than 360 trees. Another popular park is Mount Aoba, where you can see the ruins of Aoba Castle built in the early 17th century.

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