Tips for Travelling to Japan for the First Time

Are you wishing to travel to Japan after this pandemic is over? If yes, then you must know these tips about traveling to Japan for the first time.

Japan is a fascinating destination with unique attractions. A nation of innovation and progress and proud of its culture. You can see many temples, shrines, beautiful gardens with co-existing futuristic skyscrapers, bullet trains, and pop culture.

For those visiting for the first time, you may feel confused about the wide variety of services and options. There’s a good chance you’ll feel a little lost as getting around seem a little daunting.

1st Tip: Have a Knowledge of Japanese Etiquette and Customs

Having a little knowledge of Japanese etiquette and customs will go a long way. We all know Japanese discipline and honesty. So remember, whenever you are if somebody leaves anything unattended, don’t touch it. If you’re going up an escalator, you stand on the same side. Try also to master a few basic phrases and polite greetings.

2nd Tip: Get a Japan Rail Pass

Train travel is the most common public transport in Japan so having Japan Rail Pass will make your travel worthwhile. JR pass will give you unlimited access to much of Japan’s rail network, including all JR trains and many of the high-speed Shinkansen trains. It is super convenient, but this is only really cheaper if you are taking at least one Shinkansen trip between big cities like Tokyo, Osaka, and Kyoto or further.

Advantages of having a Japan Rail Pass:
– Unlimited use of JR trains for weeks
– Free seat reservations
– Discount at JR affiliated hotels

3rd Tip: Buy an IC Card

You want to have a smooth trip around Japan then, buying an IC card is your best investment. These cards are rechargeable and can be used to conveniently pay fares on public transportation and to make payments at many vending machines, shops, and restaurants. Dozens of train and bus operators across Japan have started issuing their own IC cards since 2001.

4th Tip: Get Mobile Data or Router

Purchase a data sim or WiFi router before leaving the airport. You can find many shops offering mobile data options at the airport. Connecting to the internet will help you a lot whether by searching for a place, translating or booking.

5th Tip: Access Money

Although many banks and convenience stores in Japan have ATMs, it is still advisable to exchange them before going to Japan. If you can’t exchange directly into yen, at least exchange into US dollars and take that there. Because if you do this in your own home country you are more likely to be able to shop around. In Japan, you won’t have time for that, and you might end up losing lots of money because you’ll be forced to use currency exchange from whatever place is closer to you.

Last tip: Book a place

Booking in advance is a custom in Japan. Luckily there is a platform that can secure your desired apartment without any hassle. KaguAruoo is an online platform where everything is done online.

No paperwork is required. You can even communicate with the landlord for any specifics you wish to discuss before signing the leasing contract online.

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