5 Best Dessert Places To Visit In Tokyo

Shiawase no Pancake [Locations vary around Tokyo]

Also known as A Happy Pancake, this popular restaurant chain takes pride in its specialty which is fluffy ricotta pancakes. Shiawase no Pancake has branches all over Japan, and even in Hong Kong. The first store was opened in Omotesando; and they also have other locations in Ginza, Shinjuku, Ikebukuro, and other places in Tokyo. Here is a full list of all their stores.

Shiawase no Pancake usually offers sweet pancakes for afternoon tea, but the store also has savory options that are perfect for breakfast. Their most popular dish is the Happy Pancake that is made from Hokkaido Butter and New Zealand manuka honey. The rest of their dishes are more of their signature pancake with a twist. Seasonal dishes are available as well. You can view the full menu on their website, although it might vary according to location.

Sweets Paradise [Locations vary around Tokyo]

Sweets Paradise is an eat-all-you-can sweets buffet in Japan. They have a wide variety of sweet dishes to choose from and they also offer non-dessert options like pasta, salads, and drinks. This confectioner place might be perfect for you and your sweet tooth!

The price may vary in each restaurant, ranging from 1200 up to 1800 yen per person. Sweets Paradise also has a time limit of 70 minutes or 90 minutes, which depends on the chosen menu. They may not be much of a luxury dessert place, there is still a good amount of sweets for every dessert lover.


GOMAYA KUKI [Harajuku-Omotesando]

Gomaya Kuki is famous for their rich Sesame Ice Cream. This ice cream shop is relatively new around the area but is seen as a force to be reckoned with. Mainly offering black and white sesame flavors, the ingredients are sourced from the Kiku Sangyo Sesame house in Mie prefecture. Gomaya Kuki has different levels of richness for both black and white sesame and other unique dishes like Sesame Salt. The price of a two-flavor set is worth 500 yen.




Matcha Gelato TEA&SPOON Nanaya [Aoyama-Omotesando]

Nanaya, a company that originated in Shizuoka brought their famous premium grade matcha (powdered green tea) gelato to Tokyo in 2016. Tea and Spoon Nanaya Aoyama offers a unique green tea dessert experience, with a wide range of flavor intensity from level 1 – 7. Nanaya has taken pride in offering Shizuoka’s finest Fujieda matcha since 1988. Eventually, they became iconic for their matcha-based desserts, especially their matcha gelato.

Customers can choose from the seven levels of matcha deepness, ranging from light to ultra-deep. If you want to experience the maximum level of matcha you can ever get, “Premium No. 7” is Nanaya’s richest matcha gelato in Japan; with a dark green color and bitter but sweet green tea flavor.

Hidemi Sugino [Kyobashi, near Ginza and Tokyo Station]

Renowned pastry chef Hidemi Sugino’s shop is a must-visit for anyone who loves sweets. Japan is not only world-class in its cultural cuisine, they are also award-winning when it comes to food from other countries, especially in the world of patisserie. Hidemi Sugino is one of them. He won the ‘Nobel Prize of pastry’ back in 1991. Sugino was also awarded the title of Asia’s Best Pastry Chef in 2015.

His cakes are majestic works of art, adding to the fact that they are also light and creamy. Hidemi Sugino is also famous for his layered cakes of mousse, sponge cakes, jams and creams. The cakes can only be eaten inside the store and almost immediately, as they will collapse when transported or left out for more than fifteen minutes. Early in the morning during weekdays is the best time to go, as the cakes are made in limited quantities and sell out at that time as well.

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