Recommended Places in Japan for Animal Lovers

Pets or animals are getting more and more of the spotlight nowadays. Getting thousands and millions of views across various social media platforms has everyone becoming a big fan of all of our furry friends. Different habitats have also been improved and conserved to keep them protected as these habitats ensure the survival of wildlife.

Like the rest of the world, Japan also has various places where you can indulge in your furry love obsessions. For this, we have created a list of amazing destinations where you can enjoy all the experiences from these adorable animals.

Animal-lovers, this list is for you!

Nara Park (Deer)

Nara Park is a natural vast public location in Nara, Japan where you can find plenty of deers. You can even get up close to them and interact! You can even catch a glimpse and take some photos of the deers playing in herds all around the lush green grass. Just be sure to keep it safe though, not only for yourself but also for the deers as they are considered a national treasure in the country even if they’re not being domesticated.

There are also other attractions around the area like shrines or temples, museums, shops, etc, that you can enjoy.

Jigokudani Monkey Park (Snow Monkeys)

This is one of the most iconic wildlife experiences, as you can definitely see the snow monkeys or Japanese Macaques up close in their natural habitat as they settle around the area. You can also see the monkeys taking a hot dip in an ‘onsen’ or the hot springs in social groups. Apparently, they tend to ignore the humans as they are already accustomed due to the visitors frequenting around the vicinity.

You can watch them closely, however, it is prohibited to touch or feed them yourself. Also, always remember to respect their space at all times.

Ainoshima Island (Cats)

A port island in Japan famous for its feline cuteness, Ainoshima Island becomes a home not just to one but to very many cats that hangs out all around the area. You can take photos of these cats, but be careful around them as they are mostly feral. Nevertheless, if you are a cat lover at heart, you will certainly enjoy the company of these cute furry creatures.

The island also offers lots of other activities like birdwatching, fishing, eating at various restaurants, hiking and so much more!

Okunoshima Island (Rabbits)

Imagine seeing cute fluffy bunnies everywhere – it must be like seeing heaven!

Located in the eastern part of Hishorima, the Okunoshima Island or Rabbit Island has various rabbits roaming all over the place. It was even one of the most popular tourist destinations from around the world. You can even feed them and they will chase you around for more food, but as always, be sure to make it safe. Other than the unending supply of bunny cuteness, the island also offers beautiful beaches, golf courses, shops, and campgrounds for you to be entertained with.

Miyajima Island (Raccoon Dogs)

These adorable creatures are actually everywhere in the country. You can even find lots of statues called tanuki’ that represents these curious creatures. They can also be found on popular shows like in the Studio Ghibli films and even in anime. But more often than not, they can be spotted in the Miyajima Island. They are also considered good luck among the residents and is well respected around the area. You can definitely take some photos or videos when you spot them around the location.

Despite their cuteness, always be careful and never approach them by yourself, unless there’s a guide and you’re permitted to do so. This is to ensure your safety and for the wellness of the Japanese Raccoon Dogs as well.

Fun Fact: Raccoon Dogs are not related to the raccoons in any way, but they are a member of the ‘Canidae family’, which means that they can be related to foxes, wolves and domesticated dogs.

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