Japan’s Must-Visit Summer Destinations 2021

Japan’s summer season starts from June to mid-September, where people can enjoy cold beverages, flowers, tours, and so much more. It’s also the season for sunshine and happiness, where various festivals and shows occur throughout the country.

Since a good deal of people have high hopes for this year, where we can finally enjoy more despite the new normal, we’ve jotted down all the iconic summer destinations the country has to offer.

Hokkaido Flower Fields

Hokkaido is one of the most beautiful destinations in Japan due to its famous flower fields. With its wide range of seasonal flowers like lavender, sunflower, tulips, and dahlias, the gardens became a must-visit sightseeing location during the summer. It has also become a social media trend due to its stunning picturesque sea of flowers. Aside from its farms, you can also find various restaurants and shops near the area.

The Okinawa Beaches

There are many exquisite beach destinations all around Japan, and Okinawa is one of them. Okinawa is surrounded with crystal-clear blue waters and various marine life like no other. It’s the perfect place for every beach activity like barbeques, sunbathing, or swimming that everyone enjoys. 

Gion Summer Festival – Kyoto

This festival takes place in Kyoto and is one of the largest festivals that’s being celebrated annually. There are floats in the processions, quintessential craftworks, local street foods, and more. This festival strongly symbolizes one of the culture and traditions of Japan – which makes it a great way to enjoy and experience the essence of the country even in summer.

Anime Tour

Enjoy the atmosphere of thousands of people dressing up or cosplaying their favorite television characters in this tour. There will also be various shops geared toward the anime fans and events that fulfill all of your otaku needs!

Fireworks Show

Japan is full of fireworks shows in the summer that encapsulate both tradition and entertainment in the country. The shows have millions of attendees, and each place has their own creative way of launching extravagant fireworks. Witnessing these shows and festivals can definitely make you feel invigorating especially, with your friends and family.

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