5 Must-Visit Restaurants in Japan for an Ultimate Food Experience this 2021

Eating has always been a primary part of human nature. It’s what sets us to work, to be motivated, to be able to do things every day. And even during the quarantine season, people are starting various food trends, like home cooking, online food businesses, and ‘Mukbang’. But 2021 turns out to be more promising than last year, which means opening the economy soon has been a strong probability. With this, a lot of shops are expected to be opening back again this upcoming season.

Whether you’re a traveler or a local, I’m pretty sure you’re looking forward to being able to explore more once again. Thus, we’ll take you on an ultimate food adventure to the best new restaurants in Japan to add to your growing food quest list – after all, nothing beats the happiness of a full belly at any time of the day.

Ichiran – Shinjuku

Is it even Japan if you haven’t tried eating a ramen? Definitely not!

Ramen is one of the most famous food in the country and I’m pretty sure you’ve heard about it numerous times in your life. One of the best ramen restaurant recommendations in the country is the Ichiran. With a 60-year-long history and various branches around the country, this restaurant has been a staple of the food enthusiasts and local residents due to its hearty reliable flavor. The majority of its branches are even located near the stations for 24 hours, therefore, you can easily access it anytime you want.

Pokemon Cafe – Central Tokyo

Pokemon Cafe is one of the cutest cafes in the country that was named after the famous anime television series, Pokémon. The food there is absolutely Instagram-worthy, with themed foods, drinks, and merchandise.

Don’t miss a chance to try their adorable seasonal dishes if you are in Central Tokyo!

Fruits and Season – Ebisu

Who says no to fruit sandwiches when it comes from the top-notch fancy Daiwa produce dealers? Absolutely no one, especially the vegans. Great quality, delicious, and even offers seasonal flavors, this one is definitely worth trying!

Harukoma Sushi – Osaka

This one offers a fantastic sushi dining environment like no other! The place even emits that energetic feeling that you don’t just get anywhere. They even have an English menu with ala-carte ordering fashion, so it’s hassle-free for some other people. This place is definitely the type where you want to get full of delicious sushi with great quality and quantity. A must-try for foodies and travelers!

Hidemi Sugino – Tokyo

Hidemi Sugino is known for making diverse and bold combinations of cakes where he even won a ‘Nobel Prize of pastry’ on 1991 and the title of ‘Asia’s Best Pastry Chef’ on 2015. His products are also very unique in a sense where the cake itself needs to be in a proper temperature control for it to hold longer. The cakes are also not too expensive despite it’s superb qualities, which makes it a definitive dessert to enjoy without sacrificing the entire wallet. 

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