Shibuya—the most dynamic district in Tokyo

Shibuya is one of the best cities to visit whenever you are in Tokyo and the city is well known to be Japan’s fashion and entertainment trends. Its iconic landmark outside the station is the Shibuya Crossing. This is undoubtedly a must-visit for any trip to Tokyo to see the most remarkable feature of the area: the people constantly coming out across the street from all directions meeting in the middle and swerving around each other as they try to cross. The intersection is indeed popular for films taking place in Tokyo, Japan. Shibuya is also considered as the most colorful and busy districts, packed with shops, restaurants, and nightclubs. flocks and flocks of visitors come to the district everyday and it is also known as the center for youth fashion and culture as it is the birthplace of many fashion and entertainment trends. Shibuya is very tourists-friendly as it hosts millions and millions of tourists everyday in its warm and welcoming city!

Shibuya Crossing

What best way to remember Shibuya is to cross their well-known intersection. And because it is popular, expect to see a huge amount of people rushing around during its peak hours. It is also recommended to take pictures and videos of the crossing in one of the many nearby towers. One and only Shibuya Crossing will surely make you go bananas!

Hachiko Statue

Hachiko is well known to be the faithful dog who waited for his master in Tokyo after he passed away. The statue of Hachiko is the most well-known landmark in Shibuya. If you happen to visit Shibuya, it is practically required that you take a moment of silence to get a pic from the loyal dog Hachiko – a golden brown Akita, a dog that we all remembered for his unwavering loyalty to his owner. Looking at the small Hachiko Statue near Shibuya Crossing may not seem extraordinary to you. However, upon hearing the actual story of this faithful dog will make acknowledge its importance.

Strolling in Shibuya

Shibuya is a shopper’s paradise, so one of the best things to do in Shibuya is to go shopping especially at night. They have several malls, shopping streets and department stores that are also affordable. In case you get hungry, nothing to worry about for there are hundreds of restaurants, eateries, bars, and pubs to choose from. If you still have time and want to enjoy the night in Shibuya, experience Shibuya nightlife by going to the nearest Karaoke bar with your friends. They are also well known to enjoy the best Karaoke experience and get used to Japan’s spectacular nightlife. Just make sure you won’t go late or midnight so you don’t miss the last train.


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