Discovering Koyasan—Japan’s Most Sacred Town

The alluring Mount Koya, also called as Koyasan, is located in Wakayama Prefecture in the Kansai region – south of Osaka. The Shingon Buddhism was practiced here and many chose the town as a liberation from reality.

Koyasan or Mount Koya is a significant religious destination in Kansai, it is also a popular tourist destination as it has a peaceful atmosphere. In this quiet mountain town, you will not only see a glimpse into the time-honored ways of Japanese religious life, but you will also get to experience it. Koyasan was established by the great Buddhist monk Kobo Daishi Kukai. The founder of Shingon Buddhism,  Kobo Daishi’s longing was to open a monastic complex that was detached and free from any form of distractions. Shingon Buddhism teaches that enlightenment can be found in this lifetime through spiritual practice including mudras, mantras and mandalas. Kukai is entombed at Koyasan’s Okunoin, the largest cemetery in Japan, where it is thought he is actually still meditating and awaiting the coming of Miroku (Maitreya), the Future Buddha. Koyasan is both a UNESCO World Heritage site and the official starting point of the Kumano Kodo pilgrimage’s Kohechi route. For tourist/travelers , the most fascinating aspect of visiting Koyasan, besides the massive cemetery, is the chance to stay and feast in one of Koyasan’s 50+ shukubo or temple accommodations and dine on assiduously prepared shojin ryori or Buddhist vegetarian meals, which are served to you in your temple room with a sake. After visiting such sacred place, it’s difficult to imagine going back to your “Typical life”. The presence and just being encompassed by the mountains of Koyasan is adequate to transform anyone’s outlook in life. Nature really teaches us how unnatural the modern society is, but despite all the distractions, we can refine out the noise and stay true to ourselves.

Where to Stay?

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