A glimpse of Miyazaki, Japan

Miyazaki Prefecture

Miyazaki Prefecture is known for its many beautiful nature areas, perfect for hiking or going for a short walk. However, Miyazaki is also well known for its gorgeous and majestic historical shrines and castles.  Located on the southeastern coast of Kyushu, Miyazaki has a warm and pleasantly mild climate.  The prefecture is a popular honeymoon destination amongst newly-weds in Japan.

The city was most associated with the first emperor of Japan, Jimmu, who lived there in the 7th century BC.  A legacy from emperor in which people at Miyazaki are proud of was the emperor’s palace that once stood there. Most recently, however, Miyazaki has been linked with a more contemporary figure, well-known Japanese celebrity and comedian Higashikokubaru Hideo was the governor of the Miyazaki Prefecture from 2007 to 2011.

The easiest and most economical way to get around the Miyazaki prefecture is by taking advantage of its extensive bus network. Tourists can access the Miyazaki bus card, which allows unlimited use for only ¥1,000 per day and covers the most well-known attractions in the Prefecture.

Miyazaki is one of the warmest places on the main island of Japan with a warm, temperate climate in most months of the year.  December is the coldest month with average daily temperatures around 15°C, it is also the driest month.  June on the other hand is the wettest month of the year, with an average rainfall of 40cm for the month.  July, August, and September are the best months to visit Miyazaki. With average daily temperatures of 31°C and minimal rainfall, it is an ideal time to experience Miyazaki’s multitude of natural attractions and beaches.

Japan’s flower festivals and blooming seasons are legendary. Whilst their Cherry Blossom season is without-a-doubt the most popular floral event across the country, they have nourished flora to bloom at almost all times of the year, and Miyazaki is no stranger to hosting an epic flower viewing platform. The Florante Miyazaki is a massive sprawling botanical park that always has fresh seasonal blooms on show. The beautifully manicured green lawns provide the perfect background for pictures.

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