Hachiko—The Loyal Dog at Shibuya Crossing

Shibuya is one of the city wards in Tokyo that is considered to be the most popular and go to place for shopping and entertainments. This place is also called the center for youth fashion and culture, since Shibuya’s street are where most of Japan’s fashion and entertainment originated. It consists of a many department stores and boutiques for most well-known brands that provide all types of shoppers a lot of varieties to choose from.

If you happen to visit Shibuya, it is practically required that you take a moment of silence to get a pic from the loyal dog Hachiko – a golden brown Akita, a dog that we all remembered for his unwavering loyalty to his owner. Looking at the small Hachiko Statue near Shibuya Crossing may not seem extraordinary to you. However, upon hearing the actual story of this faithful dog will make acknowledge its importance. Around 1920s, Hachiko would venture to Shibuya Station to wait for his owner, Hidesaburo Ueno a professor at University of Tokyo to arrive back from his day to day commute. Over a year, they developed a bond and this kind of routine. Sadly, one day the professor did not show up, having suffered a fatal cerebral hemorrhage. This did not hindered Hachiko, who continued to return to the same spot to wait for the professor for the next 9 years. Hachiko has gone on to become a figure of enduring loyalty nationwide, and the statue in his memory serves as most popular meeting place for local residents. Though later on, Hachiko was found deceased on a street nearby. He had terminal cancer. His statue remains standing on its west end, where he continues to wait and wait. A truly remarkable and very heart whelming story to remember.

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