The Blooming Nanko Sunflower Festival

Nanko Sunflower Park

Every middle to end of July every year,  around 1 million sunflowers bloom in the town of Sayo, Hyogo Prefecture. The blooming sunflowers span six sections on the field of Sayo Nanko Sunflower Park, transforming the field into a sea of vivid yellow flowers. Because the flowers only bloom once in a year, such an event is celebrated annually as the Nanko Sunflower Festival.

The sunflower park is only open during its flowering time so a lot of tourists and locals visit the place to witness the vibrant colors of the flowers. Visitors of the place can purchase farm products like sunflower seed oil and sunflower ice cream made with roasted sunflower seeds and other local specialties. Other events during the festival include mazes and firework displays at night. Sayo Nanko Sunflower Park is only half an hour away from Osaka which also makes it a great place to visit for day-trippers.

How to Get There?


You can access Sayo Nanko Sunflower Park by car or by train.

If you are using a private car, you can reach Nanko Sunflower Park in ten minutes from Chugoku Expressway Sayo interchange. You can also reach the park through Tottori Expressway Sayo flat fortune half interchange in approximately 15 minutes.

If you are traveling by train, you can reach the park by riding a 5-minute taxi ride from Harima-Tokuhisa Station on JR Kishin Line.



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