Roam Around Hakata – The Place That Has It All

Hakata is a large downtown district in Fukuoka. Its area includes Fukuoka Airport, Hakata Station, and several attractions such as Nakasu, Canal City, Shofukuji Temple, Kushida Temple, Ramen Studio, and much more. Hakata is not only known as the business hub of Fukuoka also for the wealthy culture and historical attractions it offers.

Canal City Hakata

Canal City

Canal City is a large shopping and entertainment complex in Hakata, Fukuoka. The grandeur mall is called the “city within a city” by many not only because of the number of attractions and shops it has inside but also because it has two hotels inside its premises. The complex itself has about 250 shops which include cafes and restaurants, a theater, a game center, and cinemas. In the middle of the complex is an artificial canal running from the fifth floor that creates an attractive open space on its interior. Visitors will surely be able to find a lot of interesting stuff in the complex, whether it is something unique to Japan or a product from international companies and brands. You can also enjoy and have a taste of the famous Hakata Ramen that is sold in Ramen Stadium inside Canal City.

JR Hakata City

JR Hakata City
JR Hakata City is a station building in Hakata Station and is one of the largest stations in Japan. It serves as the hub of the train network of Kyushu which earned its name as the “front gate of Kyushu/Asia“. Hakata City is like a large shopping complex which comprises a cinema complex and  217 other shops. The cinema complex is called T Joy Hakata and has 11 screens overall. It also has a 60-meter high rooftop observatory called Tsubame No Mori Hiroba where you can enjoy the panoramic view of Fukuoka City.



Nakasu is known as the heart of entertainment in Fukuoka. The area is packed with lively nightclubs, pubs, karaoke parlors, and gaming arcades which makes the place lively and neon-lit at night. Nakasu also features a long line of food stalls called yatai along the river. These mini-restaurants offer different kinds of food at a very reasonable price.

Kawabata Shotengai

Shotengai shopping arcade in Kawabata

Kawabata Shotengai is a 4-block long covered shopping street in Hakata, Fukuoka which has been around since World War II. It is the perfect place to visit if you want to experience what Fukuoka looked like 50 years ago. With about 100 shops aligned, both old and new, Kawabata Shotengai also offers a lot of products and items to choose from. It also has several restaurants to dine in and enjoy the authentic Japanese taste.


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