The Ultimate Bucket List For An Authentic Japan Trip – Osaka Edition

When planning a trip, we usually have an itinerary to help us decide where and which places to go. But in a country like Japan, you cannot possibly visit all of its famous attractions on a week-long trip as each city has its own unique and different attractions. It would be hard to decide which attractions you should go to or you should skip off.

One of the biggest metropolitan in Japan, next to Tokyo, is Osaka. If you are visiting Osaka for the first time, it might be hard for you to decide what places to include in your itinerary. So in order to have a memorable and authentic Japan experience in Osaka, choosing the right places to visit is the key. Here are some of the places that you should visit and experience in Osaka that can finally cross out from your bucket list!

Enjoy a Japanese Nightlife at Dotonbori

You don’t have to worry about missing out on the fun when you are in Osaka. Just like Tokyo, Osaka has a lot of places to go to have a relaxing morning and a fun nightlife. Dotonbori is the central hub for bars, restaurants, and cafes. It is the most touristic spot among all of the places in Osaka. The area has a lot of places to shop and dine in. So, if you want to try out Osaka’s local food, then you can find a variety in Dotonbori. As you may know, Osaka is also very well known for its local food which is very popular not only in Japan but also in other parts of the world. A getaway at Dotonbori plus the variety of food stalls it offers is like hitting two birds in one stone-an authentic Japanese nightlife and authentic food experience.

Wear a Kimono and Roam Around the Historic Osaka Castle

Osaka Castle Sakura
Osaka Castle is one of the top landmarks of Japan so it’s no argument that a lot of people wanted to visit the place. Established in 1583, Osaka Castle has witnessed a lot of historical events that are very significant to the history of Japan. In 1665, the castle’s main tower was burnt down when it was struck by lightning. It was then reconstructed in 1931 and is now entirely modern on the inside. After its renovation, Osaka Castle has been beautiful than ever. Its white exterior has been gaining a lot of attention due to its beauty. Aside from the beautiful exterior of the castle, you can also enjoy your whole day by exploring the castle grounds and its fantastic museum inside that showcases information about the history of the castle while wearing a kimono. There are a lot of places where you can rent a kimono to complete your Osaka Castle tour.

Visit Shitennoji Temple

Shitenno-ji (2018)
Visiting Shitennoji Temple during your stay in Osaka is one of the most authentic Japanese experience. Shitennoji Temple was first established in 593 and it is considered Japan’s official oldest temple. The temple has a very long history. Its complex has been destroyed by fire and other natural phenomena several times and was also rebuilt several times. The temple has a Treasure House on the east side of the complex where you can find various documents, Buddhist statues, paintings, and sacred artifacts, many of which are registered National Treasures. There is also a large flea market held on the grounds of Shittenoji Temple every 21st and 22nd of each month where you can buy authentic Japanese textiles, ceramics, second-hand clothes, antiques, and more. There are also plenty of food stalls displayed on the flea market that will complete your bucket list.

Experience the Traditional Japanese Drama at Osaka Shochikuza Theatre

Osaka Japan 2009 — Dōtonbori (道頓堀) 8
Kabuki is a very well known traditional drama in Japan. In 1923, Shochikuza Theatre was established in Osaka to house the cultural and traditional kabuki drama. Shochikuza Theatre is also the only kabuki theater in Osaka which makes the place a lot more precious. Watching a kabuki drama while in Japan is definitely a bucket lister.

Watch the Sumo Spring Grand Tournament

AsashoryuWe all know that Sumo Wrestling is a unique sport that has been in Japan for years. In Osaka, the Grand Sumo Wrestling competition is held annually every spring. If you have some spare time during your trip, then you might want to add this to your bucket list as sumo wrestling is one of the most authentic Japanese experience you will have.


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