New Year Celebration in Tokyo

All over the world, new year is greeted with much enthusiasm and hope.  Each new year brings forth new beginnings to everyone.  Japanese people are no different with their new year celebration. 

Shōgatsu (New Year) is one of the most important holidays in Japan.  Families spend the days together during January 1 to January 3.  One of their cultures in greeting the new year is the oosouji or big cleaning where houses are thoroughly cleaned.  Homes and entrances are also decorated with various decorations made out of bamboo, pine and plum trees. Shogatsu Kazari Kyoto area - Dec 31 2018 15 43 02 590000

The new year’s eve in Japan is usually spent inside their homes watching a television program “kohaku uta gassen” which was recognized as one of the recent customs of the new generation.  At the table, serving a heartful meal is also important to the Japanese.  Undeniably, toshikoshi soba is never absent in the course as Japanese believe it symbolizes long life.  Other dishes such as  osechi ryori, otoso and ozoni are also served.  The traditional ringing of the bells in the temples during midnight has never ceased.  The ringing of the temple bells symbolizes the atonement of the different types of Bonnou or earthly desires.  On the morning of the new year, Japanese people also visit a shrine or temple.Japan Chion-in Temple 19-20 New year (front)

Opposite to western new year celebrations where parties and huge gatherings are being flocked to, Japanese people celebrate Shōgatsu in a very peaceful and religious way.  Such narrative most likely has reached your awareness, but nothing is more great than having to experience it personally.  

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