Otaru—Hokkaido’s most scenic city

Otaru is a city and port in Shiribeshi Sub-prefecture, Hokkaido, Japan, northwest of Sapporo. It is not popular outside of Japan but which is famous locally as it is the home of a fantastic arts scene which also features a glass blowing industry. Otaru has a lot of seafood staple and this means that you can enjoy on some of the most mouth watering sushi in the region.

Otaru Canal is a famous sightseeing spots in Hokkaido. Otaru canal was built in 1923 and is bordered by a walkway which you can stroll during the day, when artist present their art works to the passing tourist, and when it is evening, vintage style gas lamps are lit that provides a romantic atmosphere and releasing an old world vibe. You can also take to the water on a canal boat which takes around 40 minutes if you want to view the city from a different angle. The canal also serves as the main site of the town’s Snow Light Path Festival. Aside from the Otaru canal, the city is also well known as one of the main glass producing parts of Japan and it is famous for its glass balls and oil lamps which originally used in the fishing industry. Though in modern times, the glass industry now also produces a range of decorative items and there are glass workshops dotted around the town which make great places to shop for souvenirs. You may enroll to a class here and pick up the skills on how to blow your own glass pieces. Kitaichi Glass is the most famous spots in the city for its handmade glass pieces which has crystals and are sold all over Japan.


Where to Stay?

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